Sierra cars 700r

This is the last car i need to have one of every car, can anyone help? GT EJA20

Same. It’s driving me nuts.

Don’t think you’ll see one soon, not until it comes round again - unless you’re a Legendary Status tuner/painter, the 700r maximum price for auction is 563,000 credits so not worth selling on… :frowning:

Im pretty sure these do get sold in the AH, like all the rare cars. Why people sell them, im sure i have no idea. But getting one requires committing to searching over and over and over, being ready to buy it out immediately, and realizing that its going to take time. At any given time, im pretty sure theres a bunch people doing the same thing, and each one wont last more than a second or two. Ive been able to snipe all the rare cars i wanted no matter how low the buyout. The usual method was to search hard for 15 minutes at a time. Then repeat some other time. Frustrating, no doubt.

They are a bit of an exception, as they were just available once as a 160 point reward over 4 seasons if I recall correctly. Even at the time where they were in the playlist very very few went up in the AH.

I saw one this morning about 9 AM for 700k, but theirs no doubt its the rarest car in the AH atm

I have one I am willing to throw up for sale!

I don’t use it and it’s just not my style!

Let me know what you think is a fair bid start and I’ll throw it on the AH.

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Me too … I am one car short of a full set (till the next season starts) … I look all the time and would pay 20 million without a moments hesitation .

I missed it as a exclusive ( I always makes sure I get them) and don’t know how!!!

I’ll gladly pay 20m or trade some other rare cars. Message me on Xbox EJA20

Need a sierra 700R too

I sold it a year ago when I was just buying every car I like, now i’m not sure why I did that.

Is there any one that has one that is willing to part with it

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I have been trying to find one too

I missed out on this car on the festival Playlist

My Gamertag id Anna25kendrick

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