2 quick questions

1 have t10 turned cusrom paints of because my car is the only car with it on now and if so this is big part of game we paid for taken away. 2 does the on track race mod not work if you pit example dayton ovel full fuel and damage.

  1. Some people don’t see other cars paint jobs, some do. seems to be a bug for some people. its mainly reported in multiplayer.
  2. going in the pits is considered leaving the track.
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It’s reported in single player as well. I see it all the time. I selected a car but instead of a paint it has a flat gray paint job.

Sometimes it fixes itself after you jump into a race and sometimes not.

so going to pit considered leaving track that’s penalises people playing game properly another bullcrap decision by our beloved fantastic wonderful t10

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You’re free to try Gran Turismo Sport. Come back and let me know how Not Racing Game of the Year goes for you. Or maybe Need for Speed. Nobody’s making you play the 2017 Racing Game of the Year.


I did just that this weekend and as much as I hate to say it, GT isnt far off vs forza 7.
The cars don’t sound like vacuums anymore, the physics engine is close enough to forza where I literally picked up the controller and did laps on the ring with no problems. (all assists off)

The only bad things about GT Sport are the lack of cars, which PD are adding to with FREE dlc.
Lack of tracks same thing as cars, getting more for free.
Very few layers for painters.
No weather.
Modifying cars is very meh. Just power and weight lvls, not nearly as in depth as forza.

They do have dirt and snow for rally cars, something we still don’t have for some reason…

GT sport feels unfinished in terms of content. But at least the game has a finished feel to it.
Forza feels unfinished in terms of the game itself as a whole.

ANYONE who even considers Forza 7 to be Racing GOTY is delusional.
I honestly believe that if this game had as much of a fanbase as BF2 this game would also be in the news.
I’m starting to feel like T10 needs to do what Ubi did with AC. Take some time off and stop this every 2 year thing.

Pit Lane: A lane, adjacent to the race track, where the garages are located.

You wouldn’t put that ON the track surely, would make an interesting deadly race though :slight_smile:

edit: People who know this don’t use that mod with realistic damage


It’s a bug. It happens with only some of the cars (sometimes even tunes have different result) on some of the tracks. Bathurst, Rd Atlanta and Prague. I always rewind and slam the brakes when exiting the pitline untill it stays clean.

if this mess of a game is game of the year then the industry is in a sorry state would rather have forza 3 and 4 backwards compatible

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Buy Xbox 360, problem solved.