Paintable rims?

So Forza Horizon 4 has a new update which let’s players finally paint rims different colours, but does Forza 7 get this feature? Didn’t think so, having different coloured rims makes a livery standout far more, me personally have been waiting patiently since Motorsport 2 for paintable brake calipers and roll cages, please note this is not a wish list, just curious to which of the Motorsport community agree

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They are working on some painting improvements, in one Forza Monthly they’ve said that there will be a new “painting cabin” or something that would helps with the lighting, so will see if there is more additions to that.

I really hope that the improvements that is receiving FH4 will end in FM7 as well.

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I really hope so too. The update that FH4 has received is absolutely incredible for painters & can not only save a lot of time, but also open up a whole bundle of new designs & creativity.

Perhaps the reason this update hasn’t come to FM7 yet is due to the car count? There are over double the cars compared to FH4, so hopefully that may be the reason and fingers crossed we see this update come to FM7 in the coming months.

One final thing I would love them to add to this update, without devolving the thread into a wishlist is the ability to paint things like lug nuts, centre caps & brake calipers. There’s far more I could add to this list, but that would be within the design editor itself.

The paintable wheels are big for livery replicators, which has a bigger subcommunity in the Motorsport series than Horizon series.

I’m hoping that since we won’t be getting FM8 soon they will do a sort of “FH4 Parity Patch” at some point, bringing us some cars and features from FH4, like the track width adjustment, the new engine swaps, the “Vintage Racing” tires, some of the old wheels, and so on.


The track width adjustment would be night & day in Forza Motorsport 7. It could totally shake up the leaderboards entirely, especially in the vintage scenes. Paint-able rims would be amazing & so would the vintage tire compound. The new engine swaps don’t interest me all that much but they’d still be nice. I wish the Ferrari Enzo 6.5L V12 was a little nerfed though. I’m just still waiting on Turn 10 allowing us different rims, front & rear.

Some of the new unique engine swaps are interesting though. I’ve only found a few, but I’m sure there are a bunch I haven’t found yet. The MGB gets the little Rover V8 that is unique to it. There is one Chevy that can put the LS7 in it but I can’t remember which. The Elise GT1 has a 6.2L that isn’t the LS3 as the sound and power numbers are different (but I’m not sure what the motor is supposed to be based on as the Chevy V8 it used in race trim was 6.0L).

I don’t like the unrealistic swaps, but would like see ones that are actually relevant to the vehicles and/or common real life swaps, and it seems some of the new ones are just that.

Being able to paint the rear wheels different would be nice too. Some cars already have different colored/material on the rear wheels stock in the game, so it’s possible but we need the option to do it ourselves.

Keeping with theme, and making sure this isn’t a wish list, I think it prudent to mention exactly why I agree with the things mentioned.

I haven’t played Horizon 4, so I don’t know anything about this ‘vintage racing’ compound, but it does sound interesting . . . however, I’d rather like to know a bit about how the drag tires in that game would affect cars built/tuned in FM7. From what my friends that play FH4 have told me, many of the cars I’ve built would probably tear themselves apart because they actually get grip. And it would be exponentially worse if I could modify the track width to put even wider tires on them. (Personally, I just want to see a Dart drag the rear bumper . . . )

Changing gears for a second (Yes, I just said that . . . deal with it.) It would add an incredibly amount of variety to any given paint job, assuming its creator knows how to put one together well. Especially if we could miss-match the colors, and styles, front to back. (Vintage drag cars, am I right?) Calipers? . . . Eh, . . . I mean, . . . have red calipers on my '00 Honda but they were like that when I bought 'em.

A different color roll cage, however, would be interesting.

To bring this all back together, I, too, agree that it would be very nice if we could have an update to bring in these features from the Horizon series over to motorsport. That, and I hope progress continues with the experimental drag racing thing they started.

EDIT: It seems I’ve gotten what I was talking about, now I just need to keep all my drag cars from ending up on their roofs.

It’s a travesty that the Wankel engine is available to a multitude of vehicles in all of it’s multi-rotor configurations. Especially considering Mazda is the only manufacturer to produce it because they are the only ones to bother developing it.

Did you sensor that, or did the forum? Either way, it’s funny.

But. yeah, sadly GM never did go through with their plans to build one during the seventies.

The rotary or the other censored word for it LMAO, are very inefficient. However back on theme, I’m really hoping this month we get a nice new update for the game bringing in these features. One can hope.