Forza Motorsport 7 is DEAD

Ok I got your attention.
Just trying to prove my stupid point about the game and the support level from the DEVELOPER.
For the last few weeks i’ve searched like ANYWHERE, in the official forums, fansite, youtube videos, reddit, you name it. There’s seem to be no OFFICIAL answer from the DEVELOPER about this minor but quite annoying BUG, which is : can’t save paint job or decal/vinyl designs, yes it still happens and like I said I can’t find any official answer or SOLUTION to this bug. I have both on PC and XBOX version and sadly these problem persists.
And to be honest, the most annoying part is everytime i jump forums to forums, youtube videos, reddit posts, there’s NO SINGLE POST that I could find that really provide the REAL FIX for this thing. Every replies to the same question was just people asking the same problems and there’s so much posts with the same topic without any FIX, oh there’s this one post with tag, but really there’s no fix on that post, only people that answering with the same question which is “my stupiod game won’t save its paint jobs”.
Dev team seems like doesn’t care a bit about the community, and now I keep repeatedly regret my decision on starting this game in the first place. Other sim racing game might not have the features that FM7 has, but at least they keep improving on every updates and the paint job just work normal.

This is just my rant, wether there will be official answers to this post I couldn’t care less.

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