2,4h D'Endurance: How to enter and drive without waiting 2h ?

Glad i’m not the only one annoyed about this. Absolutely ridiculous how difficult it is to find a game that doesnt turn the 2.4hr race into a 4 hour one.

The one race i’ve had was great fun.

How is it that so far I have been in 18 lobbies 2-3 twice but the closest to starting I have found is 1 hour 47 minutes. If they are starting every 30 min as I understand how come it can’t find a better. Lobby for me. II tried shutting down my xbox and restarting and even tried a hard restart with no better luck. It’s not like the lobbies were full either none were over half full. Just frustrated that’s all

I don’t recall anything stating that they would be starting every 30 minutes.

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I know, this is absolutely infuriating. I haven’t been able to complete this and it’s Sunday afternoon already. Not a single lobby found with less than an hour remaining. Can’t Turn 10 make it so we only join lobbies with 10 minutes or less to wait? Seriously, there will be some of us who won’t even get a chance to complete this and I fear I will be one of them.

Come on Turn 10. Do better.

I would truly love to know exactly who at Turn 10 made the decision to have these endurance hoppers set up like this. On top of it, I’d love to know who signed off on it and approved it. I cannot believe this game was designed in this manner. It’s just another notch in the belt of things Turn 10 did wrong with Forza Motorsport 5.

Every time I watch Dan or another one of his staff make a speech about their creation I sit back and laugh. They speak ever so highly of their product and truly believe it’s a AAA title, yet they cannot get the simplest things right. Additionally, all this time the game has received a massive amount of complaints, yet only a very few get addressed, let alone fixed. And then they boast how they listen to their community.

In the last Indy 500 hopper, there were no lap times. Seriously, who really cares to see how many miles one does lap and after lap? Umm, it’s going to be the same as the last lap! Why there are no lap times in an endurance race is beyond me. And I’m pretty certain this 2.4 hopper is the same thing.

And why was the ability to see who is in front of you and who is behind you on the top left of the screen taken out? Now we have absolutely no way to tell if we’re making better pace than the person in front, or if the racer behind is gaining time on us. These elements are integral to racing. In fact, so many things that pertain to racing aren’t even in the game.

I’m so sick of hearing the bull crap line, “We want to turn gamers into car lovers, and car lovers into gamers.” All Forza Motorsport has become with this latest title is a glorified car showroom. Nothing more. I do not have a single ounce of faith that Forza Motosport 6 will be any better. F1 2014, Project Cars, and DriveClub cannot get here soon enough. Once those titles are in my library, Forza will be forever dead to me.

Turn 10. Do better.

After searching for 10 min I found a lobby that was going to start in 45 seconds, but one of my buddies did not make it in so we backed out and found another lobby that had 6 mins left. Just keep seaching and you’ll find one.

Im not defending that it isn’t in there as I would like it there but you can visually tell, if the car gets closer or further away, how do you think racing drivers know this throughout the lap, A Pit Board can be highly inaccurate due to being readied up to half a lap before the racer comes across the line