2.4 hours of waiting

Is anyone else just having the hardest time getting into a 2.4 hour of nurburg? It puts me in rooms where the race has already began! Over and over just like LeMan 2.4 hours… and u cant start a lobby??? Lol… silly,just silly

Yes. You just have to keep backing out to look for a new lobby. I spent about 30 minutes last night doing this and finally found one at 16 minutes and counting.

That’s the problem. No other online multiplayer game does this. Not a single one. We shouldn’t have to spend so much time joining and backing out of lobbies, then even waiting some more when one is found with 20 minutes or less. It’s completely unacceptable and Turn 10 need to be held accountable for poorly designing a hopper in this fashion.

When are they going to stop doing this? Better yet, when are they going to grow a pair, come out and say “Yes, we absolutely butchered the endurance hopper, and we promise to not do it again?” But no; we get no replies to the complaints nor do we get a fix. I simply cannot believe a company is run this way with such a lack of respect to paying customers with legitimate issues. It’s not like we’re complaining we can’t drive fast enough or something. We want to play these events, but not have to wait ridiculous amounts of time just to participate.

The last one for Le Mans I didn’t even do because literally (not exaggerating) after 100+ attempts over the weekend had every lobby at 90 minutes or more for a wait time. I couldn’t even get a lucky break with a single lobby 60 minutes or less. How is that even possible? But yet it is, and therein lies the problem. No one should have to have that happen to them simply to play a game.

Do better Turn 10. Do better.

I bounced around nine and then it put me in a lobby alone that filled up to 10 players in about a minute.

It’s all luck. I joined and found myself in a lobby alone. Waited 5 minutes for enough people to join so it would start. Then ran it a second time after that with friends in same lobby. Fun but my hands killed me afterwards.

Why cant we join a lobby with closest finishing time? Surely would make sense instead of joining lobbies with 6 players for example with like an hour to go. Doesnt make sense.

I tried all day yesterday afternoon to find a lobby and bounced from room to room. Some just started and others had an hour. Found one with 20 mins left waited in the lobby till it ended. Then it said waiting for players to join, so I waited and went to grab a drink came back 30 seconds later and I see now waiting for players to finish racing 2hrs 40 mins. So I gave up and tried again last night until I found a room with 20mins to go then waited again and finally got to race.

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