107-300 cars in 11 days?

What do you guys think my chances are? I still have 5 barn finds to get but those aren’t guarenteed to come in that time frame so relying on those to bump up my garage in the time slot seems unlikely so how plausible to you think it is to get from 107 cars to 300 in 11 days? I have almost 5,000,000 credits (something like 4,892,000 - not exact but in that region somewhere) I’m a bit of a currency hoarder in games which would explain ratio of credits over cars

that depends… are you planning on getting all the cars as they come and all different? Or buying multiples to get the tally to 300?

I got about 170 in a few weeks and then started to buy the same cars in bulk for 6. Just did it yesterday thanks to 400,000 rewards and a few 80,000-100,000 spins. AH spins! I plan to delete the bulk after 6 and get them the “legit” way.

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I have very slowly been buying cars starting from the cheapest ones on the list working up, buying a few at a time, I need 100 more… it takes a lot of time, then I have a lot to do on Forza 5 for the same thing… time consuming, but for the $5mill per game it’ll be worth it

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If you want them all to be different cars it may take awhile. A short cut is to buy the cheap Abath and a lot of them. You should have plenty of credits and if you are not planning on spending a lot of time in Forza 5 anymore it makes it a lot easier. With the short time period to the launch this may be your best option. I hope this helps.

You got this. Work those championship events. Do it!

If your end goal is to have 300 cars for the FM6 bonus then all you have to do is go buy the cheapest car in the game and do so as many times as needed. You have enough credits to buy all 300 so it’s oable but time consuming.

If you want them to be different with little duplication then you’re in for lots of gameplay and money making. You may also not get the amount of money needed in the time you have.


That it is. I just got the game, and for the first few hours of gameplay, all I’ve been doing is hanging around the Autoshow, “buying” up all the DLC. Man, does it ever take a long time. I was worried I was going to cook my shoulder buttons before I even started racing.

Duplicate post. Please delete.

Ive actually started buying doubles but that’s legitmally because I like two different colours in the same car and because it’s a way to bulk my garage up

If I got lots of all the same car I could sell them again after FM6 comes out right? There’s no hope of me getting 300 cars in FM5 I’m really struggling to enjoy that game which is a shame as Id like to reach tier 6 and get the Lamborghini too and I don’t think I had 300 cars in FM4 (may have to see about plugging my 360 in somewhere to do it) FH2 really is my best hope as ive put a lot into that game and with regards to FM6 rewards for the effort I have put in I don’t want to get lower rewards just because I find it hard spending in game currency and am more of a saver than a buyer!

Edit: no sell option so while I’m not opposed to doubles/triples it will be because I want multiple designs of the same car not just buying 200 of the cheapest car to get to 300 (unless anyone can say they think that’s the better option - would buying 200 Subaru 1980 BRAT DL cars for 3,000 credits waste too much of my credits for it not to be worth while to just get them and effectively scrap them after?

I just looked I actually have 4,892,370 credits - I’m off to do some math on this!

I wouldn’t say it’s a waste but more of a trade off. Do you want 5 million credits in FH2 to use for something you actually want and get 5 million less in FM6 at launch or would you rather spend the credits in Horizon 2 on a bunch of old-school Subaru and get a 5 million credit starting bonus in Motorsport 6? Either way, it’s 5 million credit - the only difference is the game you have it in.

Totally agree with what you are saying, I’m going to try and get all the doubles I want in FH2 (gone up from 107 to 122 today) then whatever I have left i’ll consider getting more of the lower priced cars just to top me up, I want the bonus credits in FM6 i can earn back what I spend in FH2, which yes I guess you could say the same about me earning 5 million in FM6 too but as I said in an earlier post, to get 5 million credits i’ve put in a lot of work to FH2 since i discovered it in February so it would be nice to see benefits of that in FM6 just as a jump start - I will put a lot of effort and time into FM6 too, the demo was so much better than FM5, so the game is bound to be awesome enough to make me put that effort in.

When you start buying the cars to bulk up to 300, i’d just buy the cheapest at the start of the car list (Acura RSX @ 9k) to save going through the whole list for the cheapest each time.

Its much quicker even if you are spending double the credits (Mk1 Golf GTi @4.5k), that’s what i ended up doing in FM3 as it was really repetitive!

When you start buying the cars to bulk up to 300, i’d just buy the cheapest at the start of the car list (Acura RSX @ 9k) to save going through the whole list for the cheapest each time.

Its much quicker even if you are spending double the credits (Mk1 Golf GTi @4.5k), that’s what i ended up doing in FM3 as it was really repetitive!

5 mln credits should be enough to get you plenty of cool rides and get to 300 without flooding your garage with Truenos.

I’ve been trying to get 300 cars in FH2 for FM6 as well. I didn’t think duplicate cars would count towards the total, so I ended up needlessly buying several cars in the 100,000-200,000 CR range.

Have you managed to get to 300 yet?

Thanks for this advice I’ll do that, took me forever to get from 107-122 for this exact reason

Any particular cool rides you can recommend for decent enough prices that will get me to 300 without completely killing my credits?

Thankfully they do count Id be in trouble if not, have you reached 300 yet?

Not quite, as I got sick of the Autoshow and have just been racing lately (although, thanks to spins, I’ve been acquiring cars without even needing to set wheel in the Autoshow). I was happy to find that if you get Storm Island and Porsche, you don’t have to double up on cars, as you did in F:H; by my count, there are around 310 unique cars available to me from the various DLC, VIP and other bonuses I qualified for.

Yes, I have.

Yes, I have.

Cool rides:

Jeep Wagoneer
2005 Subaru WRX
2011 Subaru WRX
2015 Subaru WRX
Subaru Brat
Toyota GT86
VW Scirocco
Mazda Miata
VW Deluxe Type 2

All should be relatively on the cheaper side as well.