Offering Assistance with Car Collector Bonus

Hey all you Forza fans. As a lot of you have been doing, I have been grinding out reward points from all the Forza games to get as close to 12,000 points as possible to get up to Tier 9. As a result from grinding out the FM3 ‘Solid Gold’ Achievement and FM4 ‘Bucket List’ Achievement… I have a substantial pile of in game credits, more then I can spend. I already have all the cars in both games. Taking a que from our awsome Forza Fan and Forum regular Raceboy77, who had offered help for folks wanting to pump up their garages, I am offering help too since I can definitely offer some.

As a reminder, or if you are just finding out about up coming FM6 Bonus’s - There is a potential for starting off your FM6 with up to 25 Million Credits
For each game with 50 - 199 cars in your garage, you’ll receive 100,000 in-game credits.
For each game with 200 - 299 cars in your garage, you’ll receive 1,000,000 in-game credits.
For each game with 300 or more cars in your garage, you’ll receive 5,000,000 in-game credits.

If anyone needs credits to buy in game cars to reach your 300+ Cars in your garage for FM3 or FM4, please leave me a mesage or PM and I would be glad to help.
I cannot do much for FH, I am just about out of credits and still need a few cars to complete my garage myself.

Wooooo! Less then a month for FM6!

BUMP If anyone needs credits or cars assistance for FM3 or FM4, to get your garage car count up for the car bonus rewards for upcoming Forza 6, please touch base with me, i can help!

Hey TuffPuppers,

I could use FM4 credits. I had tons of cars and tons of cash but I bought cars and gifted almost all of them to my son, so he could sell them back to the game for cash. I was going to give up on FM4 but if you have extra credits, I could use them. (I never owned FM3 and sold back FH1 so nothing I can do there. …if only they could look at FM2 all time cars. I got the own every car achievement and then gave almost all of then away on this message board)

Sure, glad to help, sent me a note, let me know how many credits you need to get your garage up and going, especially if you are going for that 300+ to get the FM6 Bonus.

Sorry - I missed this note. but turned out I had a few mil still in FM4 so I was able to buy about 180 Pinto’s. to get me over 300 cars. (I don’t think my rewards have updated though)

I no longer have FH1 and never had FM3 so I guess I’m all set! Thanks anyway for the offer!

Cool Outlier glad it all worked out!

Helped a few folks out, running low on FM3 Credits, but still have a lot of FM4 Credits, if anyone needs help stocking their garage to collect the Car Bonus, send me a message, would be glad to help.

Thanks much. Helped me out in FM3.

You’re very welcome, glad to help! :slight_smile:

If your still working on Horizon’s (one) garage quantity, I recommend doing the street race at Gladstone Cell Tower with the Viper on the image (3 to end I believe). At first I was doing Goliath since it pays 200k+ but it’s 9+ minutes. The other one pays 122k+ for about two minutes of racing and it’s all highway. Since after completing the Forza Legend 1000 Club I was strapped for cash, I needed money for too many Civics.
I’ve still got some cars to buy in F3, FH2, and F5 for my extra 5M per but I’ve got enough funds to do so. The most annoying thing will be getting all the achievements for all the games, except Horizon since the 1000 club has its owns achievements.
Finally glad my rewards score level updated too. Now I can relax a bit on playing the games so much.

TuffPuppers = outstanding human being! Thanks for the help man!!!

Hahah, you’re very welcome, glad to help out, good luck getting the garages in FM4 and FM4 stocked up!

Does anyone know exactly how the bonuses are processed? When I look in the HUB is says I have 11,000,000 waiting, but I have over 300 cars in my garage in every Forza and Forza Horizon game needed for the bonus. Thought?

Any ideas gang? There’s no real way to reach out to moderators on this, (have to hope they read this along with the thousand other posts each day). How can I get all of the credits for having 300+ cars in each game??

Pop the games back in and do a race or so on each and buy a few cars over 300.
Seeing as you’re tier 9 though I’m assuming you’ve already started playing 6, which means the rewards you got are all the rewards you get.

FM5 was my first-ever game along with the XBox One gaming console (also first-ever), and, I have enjoyed it so much that I just purchased FM2, FM3 and FM4 to learn and gain some experiences that many of you have gone through. I already have FM4 up and running and will receive the other 2 games next week. So, I can certainly use some credits/cars for the games that you can spare. Please let me know. Thanks TuffPuppers!

Note: This would be to reach my gamerscore values for each of the games, since, is too late for the FM6 launch, yet, can get future credits.