1/4 mile times completely off even in stock form

I know most of you guys will seem uninterested in this, but it has always bugged the hell out of me. This seems to have been an issue since the earlier games as well.

2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6. The fastest I can go in stock form is about a 14.9XX which is absolutely horrible. Owning two 4th gen f-bodies even I know on my worst day I wouldn’t be able to get such a terrible time. Even upgraded to 440hp with a weight around 3500lbs I could only manage a laughable 13.5XX when it should be in the mid 11s.

On many websites, including zeroto60times, this car is running a low 13. A 13.3 on there site. I have even heard of 13.1 times in the quarter. So why is it that this is so underpowered in all the forza games? Don’t get me wrong I love the game, been playing all the way since the original forza, but if you want to call yourself a racing sim then don’t you think that you should put more effort into every car you include, not just the super cars? That’s great that the Buggati seems to drive like it would if I was behind the wheel, but I’ll probably never get to experience that anyway so I would never know. But I still like to drive the cars I own in game, and it is very disappointing when it doesn’t perform the way it should. I can’t imagine this being the only car that is severely underpowered either.

So if anyone from Turn 10 comes across this, maybe this can be something that is looked at a little more closer in the next game. Put a little more care into every car. I know it would probably take a lot longer to test and try and make every car perform the way it should but I think it would be worth it. Your audience is mostly made up of car enthusiasts/gearheads like myself. I don’t mean to nitpick, I am just extremely passionate about my hobby, racing and wrenching.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this. And I apologize that this is my first post and also a rant, I’ll try not to rage in the future.


and here i was thinking i was the only one who noticed this. Its also with the 5.0 GT, Toyota Supra, Lexus IS350, Camaro SS35th Anniversary although the camaro is a bit more accurate. The Ram Air Trans Am and the Camaro SS 35th both have the same weight, power, and torque almost exactly identical gearing and yet the 35th anniversary will put buses on the 02 Trans Am in a quarter mile race, or any race for that matter. even around a track. Its both disappointing, and terrible false information thats been implemented into Forza 6. I love Forza 6 too, but for reasons like that i was i do still play Forza Horizon 2.

There are better drag racing games on Google play lol

I do agree there are tons of cars that are way off their times and makes me mad seeing how much so. Another thing that bothers me is the hp and tq for a number of cars is off as well. Its like all they gotta do is google the cars lol