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I am not complaining I love this game. Played 3 hours of multiplayer last night! But just a small issue. Forza has always been extremely precise with car stats and with Forza 6 the Corvette Z06 and Camaro Z28 are both very under rated.

This is coming from a Chevy fan but car and driver just put out an article where the Corvette beat both the Mclaren S650 and Lambo Hurracan and Porsche GT3. Now the Porsche is not in the game the Corvette is rated in the game S719 and both the Mclaren and the Lambo are both in the S750 range.

The Camaro has lapped the Nurburgring in a 7:37 faster then the Lambo LP640 and Porsche 911 Carrera S.

The Camaro should be rated at S719 where the Corvette is not in the A class and the Corvette should be rated at a S760. My personal opinion.

One last small thing stats in Forza 6 say the corvette full upgraded only stops 60-0 in 119 feet but real life stats and non upgrades corvette stops 60-0 in 91 feet.

I’m not complaining I under stand it’s a game… Any other car gods out there notice and funky stats with their favourite cars?

A fixed PI won’t tell the same story for all tracks, so presumably the FM6 PI is true for the track they used and not the Nurburgring. I’d like to see a top driver take two equal PI cars with opposite power/handling stats for a few laps on all the FM6 tracks to see which one most closely matches the theoretical track used by FM6 for PI rating.

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This would be interesting. If someone could find two polar opposites with close PI, I will try this out on various tracks that I am top 1% in.

It’s not just the car, but driver skill is also a factor in how well a car performs. But realistically, and I know this is sim game, but do we really expect this game and its cars and tracks to conform to real world physic capability?!


The PI really only separates cars into level/tiers. If you look at most of the custom racing series in Forza, the cars eligible don’t have equal PI’s. THink about. Is a Veyron Super Sport going to out perform a GT race car on most tracks?

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Well i do not expect it to be perfect but Forza is the front runner of driving games. I understand how much time and effort they put into the game like I said I’m a huge Chevy fan I just feel they underrated both the Z06 and Z28. These cars are power houses the only car in real world to beat the Z06 in time trials on several tracks is the Porsche 918 and for it to be a lower 700 is kind of silly. I understand what your all saying specially the fact about the Bugatti and GT reference.

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I see what you are saying now. You wish the PI was higher. But how do the cars actually perform on the track(s)? I have been doing some Nurburgring stock times, and I’ll try racing these two cars soon and see how they do:

Im a personal fan of the viper that does not entitle it to be a higher PI.

Also if you know the cars are better than what they are rated. Why not take advantage of the lower PI and beat people? Use it while u can in case they do say they are underrated and have to make adjustments

I’m not staying it should be better because I’m a fan I’m stating facts the Z06 is faster then a Lambo and Mclaren. It was just tested on Car and Driver. It’s over 1.5 secs faster per lap then the Mclaren and over 2 secs a lap faster then the Lambo and over 5 secs faster then the Porsche GT3.

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I do t think the Z06 is is generally faster, may just be faster on 1 track that 1 particular time. The PI doesn’t mean much anyway you have to see how the cars perform in game.

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The Corvette and other cars in Forza are approximations the cars in real life not exact duplicates. This is the way it has always been in Forza. to get the Corvette up to real life performance you will have to upgrade it and you will have to tune it to match real life specs, still even then do not expect it to match the real life superb handling characteristics this is a console game. The cars in Forza look and sound pretty good and with a good setup and tuning can be fun to drive, just do not expect them to be exact digital clones of real life cars.

On last thing PI is not a consistent measure of the cars in Forza and never has been.

Well… there are 470 cars or so. They just don’t have time to hand tune each car to be accurate. They basically just take the weight, hp, engine layout, tire size, etc… and plug the status into the physics engine and Forza figures out how fast cars go and how they handle. I’m sure during testing they go through an tweak many cars that are way off, but they don’t have time to thoroughly test each car and compare to either real life testing or Car and Driver test results.

But it doesn’t really matter. Everybody races the cars upgraded at the top of each class so as not to lose a competitive advantage.

Why would you wish for your favorite cars to have higher PI anyway? The lower the PI, the more you can upgrade them and still have them fit into a given class. Please, knock the PI on my favorite cars down a bit!

The C7 Z06 can pull extremely high lateral G thanks to very high downforce (for a road car) and very wide tyres which arguably means it handles ‘better’ than the Mclaren, but the Mclaren is definitely faster in a straight line as it is considerably lighter.

Looking at the game’s ‘rating’ of those stats, they indeed reflect this.

The one thing with the game’s PI balance and it’s been the same for years, is that ‘acceleration’ is slightly too heavily weighted. This means many (not all) 4WD cars that ‘launch’ quickest and typically have superior acceleration ratings than similar power/weight ratios of their peers even if they aren’t actually faster ‘in gear’ acceleration (often slower) usually end up with higher PI and often under perform at the same PI in the game (IMO) against their 2WD equivalents. Thing is, this launch acceleration is virtually useless once you get to the first corner of most circuits and every other category takes much more prominence i.e speed, handling braking.

This might be hard to understand, but I did my best.

I have seen this same thing since about Forza 2. It’s actually slightly better and has been addressed somewhat since Forza 5. However I do feel overall PI just needs a teeny teeny tweak to reduce the importance of acceleration.

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