Your physics still suck

so sick and tired of the crappy racing and driving physics in your games but this H4 really sucks after H3 I kinda figured you would have made the rear wheel drives a bit more comparable but know still have to do an awd swap if you wanna win, this is stupid and why I will not be buying the game or re subscribing my game pass to continue to play your game.

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With the type of racing Horizon gives AWD will always have an advantage.

It would be poor physics if it didn’t, there are reasons that any mixed surface racing series uses AWD cars. Simply they are faster more of the time than anything else, the only time they aren’t is grippy tarmac on a circuit/dry smooth road.

The type of racing Horizon most closely resembles is Rallycross.


You would be surprised how viable RWD Stratos is in rally. You just need a little throttle control.

You’ll be missed… that’s the polite response, right?


Really glad you took the time to come on here and inform us you won’t be buying the game.


I am going to disagree with you. I feel like FH4’s physics are a great improvement over FH3, and have not felt it necessary to AWD swap any of my cars.


You must not have tried many of the spring rain races!

Now to a good driver, and in multiplayer only road matches, you can get away with that. The troubles do start to show though in bot races. Some are profanity inducing encounters. Example is for this spring is the modern muscle seasonal event. I wanted absolutely to do it in the vauxhall kept rwd. Is fine until ai sideswipes your one tire off the track and then the time recovery from that. Sure, I can tune it stable, but then getting killed on lower speed acceleration throttle management. Whereas the PS difference of just swapping to AWD will perform whatever you do to a RWD.

Exception is once going, you do pull hard, but rare is the track this outweighs the disadvantage.

Comparion to the fight and huge challenge to win with the VXR? I hop in the HSR. AWD converted and am in lead just from acceleration tune past the pack and cruise to win every time on same difficulty without much of a sweat.

In performance and pure racing, rwd is absolutely the most advantageous. In FH4, rwd just can seem far to slick. The main reason is the autoclutching I find. In low gears, it slips, drops and rides the clutch too much vs what one would do if in same road conditions


Actually, advanced torque vectoring AWD systems like SH-AWD are better than RWD on the track, and on all other surfaces. Could you also elaborate on “pure racing”? This could be applied to lots of motorsport series.

Second. I have been racing S1 road and street scene races with RWD cars. Never did that in FH3. Now, dirt or cross country? Not happening, unless it’s a specialized vehicle.

I think it might be the best physics feeling yet for horizon. Though I tend to prefer AWD, as with real life, it just provides more traction.


I kinda get what you are saying that the cars don’t really “behave” like a car would. I know someone is gonna go off about “arcade this and arcade that and blah blah blah” but still I don’t see why forza has to be so behind when it comes to everything. We are given the ability to put big fat drag slicks on the back of our cars and we still can barely get the front wheels to lift which I find a bit odd. The cars don’t really handle like cars either, they are either, you can’t really “toss” them into the corners they just kinda wallow


The point which is true is it’s way too easy to loose grip and have the tyres slip when playing with a controller and TCS Off, especially with Manual Clutch it’s too hard to manage, especially at higher power outputs

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It’s easier to control throttle and maintain grip with a controller by far.

Try doing the same with a wheel.

The difference is so great that I tend to drive cross country seasonal races on controller despite my elaborate Sim rig, as it is much easier to manage wheelspin on controller and pull off the win against the drivatars.

Outside of seasonal races I’ll stick to the wheel when I don’t care if I don’t win the race.

The only reason I use controller is as a thing to plug the mic into, as my wheel doesn’t have a headphone jack. I use wheel because I find the feedback to be precise.

Race tires give better improvement in this game, so RWD is viable.

That being said, with all the rain, you’re gonna want to be in an AWD car.

Personally very much dislike the way 3 felt, really over steery imo. I dont do much online or competitive racing so I like rwd and fwd all the same.


AWD will always have an advantage in these games due to the instant grip, launch and acceleration attributes.
In FH3 this was go-to, but over time became a realization that for a ‘true challenge’ there were some cases where RWD really made the game more fun. Using the Mclaren F1 GT in Yarra Valley S1 was always great, everyone left you from the start but due to the superior speed and handling you just made your way through the pack one-by-one, ridiculous sweeping cornering speed.

This game will probably see similar over time. You’ll eventually see certain tracks (in terms of road-racing) as AWD or RWD - the long and fast sweeping sprints have got RWD written all over them, however the short technical circuits or sprints will always be better AWD just for the traction.

No assists with manual-clutch just makes is a challenge, coming out of a turn feathering the throttle trying to get your power down is far more challenging and rewarding than just smashing the accelerator down in your AWD cars.

its amazing how many people in this thread have no clue what they are talking about
AWD has zero advanage unless you are a bad driver

AWD costs PI which leaves less room for upgrades

now if you are racing S2 or higher then you are [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] but nobody takes those classes seriously anyway

It is amazing how you have no clue what YOU are talking about.

Anyone who is honest will admit that 99% of the time AWD has the advantage in this game - skill is irellevant.

Simple fact is almost ALL races contain some offroad - lots of it usually. Then if you are playing online y ou have freeroam rush. Then even if you dont have those, you have rain/snow/etc…

It is only occasional rare races where RWD has any advantage to AWD in FH4.

Not to mention there are many cars where AWD LOWERS PI - giving them even more room for upgrade with the already added bonus of grip/acceleration.

On top of that all you have to do is put on the free Differential (doesn’t cost pi) and you can make the car RWD in terms of handling. The only thing you “lose” is a few hundred pounds for the AWD swap but it MORE than makes up for it.

In Forza 5/6/7 AWD is MOST often a zero advantage situation - but in FH4 the only reason to go RWD is to give yourself an extra challenge.