Your car in FM6 vs. your car in real life

For those of us lucky enough to have our cars in FM6 (or at least a very close model) it can be very fun modding and shooting it to be just like ours. So post up your best pics copying a real life pic! Some specs about your car vs. the Forza version would be cool too.

First up is my 1997 Corvette. I can get pretty close in game with the 2002 Z06. Now the roof and some trim are a bit different on the Z06 but I was able to get the performance spot on. Got a rolling pic first, need to get some stationary pics next.

My C5 has:
An LS3 swap with full exhaust, heads, cam, valves, rods, and pistons (555 BHP)
C5 Z06 transmission with 3.73 rear gears
Fully adjustable race coilovers and sway bars
6 piston front and 4 piston rear C6 Z06 brakes
Gold HRE C100 wheels
Lots of other small things but that pretty much covers it

FM6 Z06 has:
LS6 with most mods (570+ BHP)
Stock Z06 transmission with 3.73 final drive
Fully adjustable race coilovers and sway bars
Sport brake upgrade (closest I could get to my C6 Z06 brakes)
Gold HRE C100 wheels
Again lots of other small things

Looking forward to seeing what cars you all have and their Forza counterparts!

Nice ! I wish my car was in FM6!!!