OUTL4W's Gallery

FM6 is finally here! Hope you all enjoy my gallery of virtually captured light!



I love cars in their stock forms as well as putting my own twist on them. So a majority of my works will be B&A (Before & After).

Stock 2000 Cobra R

Excellent shots in here, i wish the above shot had an old-style sepia or b&w effect but nonetheless a great shot.

Some great close up shots here, especially of the Mustang, well done :slight_smile:

Nice start! I really like the shot Snooty mentioned.

My favourite from the first update has to be the last shot.

Great work, really hoping to see more!

Thank you guys! I’m about to go gallery hoping myself to see what others have captured. But before I leave, I am posting the Modded set which is based on my RL car, along with a preview. Enjoy!

Modded 2000 Cobra R

Preview… My First FM6 car…

Nice work! Like the detail shots.

Hell of an opening shot

My favourite has to be the first shot, since it focuses on one of the better features of the 2000 Mustang.

Thank you bennoj61, nuvoIari, & Pebb.

Pebb, yea it would be nice if they just included the 03-04 Terminator Cobras. I own an 03 in a dark metallic Gray. Love that car.

My first FM6 car. A stock-ish 86…

Might as well throw in some of my latest RL shots as well…

I really like the last shot of the GT86, great IRL photos also!

I love the tense mood and composition in this shot.