Xp/fast travel boards? All good now. 👍🏻

Not sure why my bonus boards don’t show up. I’ll see it on the circle hud but it’s invisible when driving by it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Maybe relevant. Are you looking up? Some are way up high, in the power lines, on rooftops, or other tough-to-get places.

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I know some can be up in the air. But every one doesn’t show up until I hit it. If that makes sense

I think I saw something (on the forums here ?) about some who bought the treasure map having this or a similar issue. Sorry, not much help, but if you bought the treasure map maybe that’s the cause ? I don’t see anything on a quick search of the Known Issues so I’d suggest putting in a support ticket and hoping they fix it. In the meantime I guess search out a YouTube guide to bonus/xp boards so you can see where they should be to know where to drive. Which I guess you might already be doing.

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Your full map has a filter, scroll down and make sure boards checked to show them, if you haven’t.

they don’t appear until you get real close, or does everyone just pay for the map?

Are you saying that they don’t appear in the game world until you actually hit them?

Are you playing on PC?

Yes it was. Think it’s because I just started the game, they show up now I’m farther along. I’m a little late to the party. Thanks.

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the boards are either above you on power lines or below you in a tunnel or under a bridge within the support legs.