Bonus board glitch? - with video

video captured by my xb1 here - - YouTube

I had bought the treasure map so I could see all the bonus signs on the world map.

I had been driving around, smashing them all, and finally ending up with 149/150 smashed. According to the discovery statistics, I was missing one 15000 xp board.

So I did some Googling and searching, and finally came across this interactive map on Kudosprime -

I checked their map against the in-game treasure map, and finally whittled down the final sign I had not smashed was one that appeared on Kudosprime at the coordinates 1896, 695 - but NOT in the Forza Horizon 2 in-game map, even with the treasure map purchased and activated.

I drove to the coordinates, searched for a bit, and finally saw a 15000 xp bonus sign in the trees. I happily plowed through it - and nothing happened. No xp was awarded, no achievement popped, nothing.

I was stunned. I checked my discovery satistics to see if something changed… but nothing. It was as though the sign never existed. It never popped up on the in-game map, even with the treasure map purchased and activated, and it never gave any rewards.

Am I the only one to whom this has happened? I’m still stunned. I bought that treasure map expressly for the purpose of getting the Smash Happy achievement. I really want this issue to be solved. Any suggestions?

An odd one, the Xbox One map is different to the 360 map…looking at wrong map ??

I had the exact same problem. The issue is that board is not the real one.(there are 2 boards , one in the woods the other on some small hill around. Could be the fake one is from the 360 version? Who knows.)

Not sure what i did but here goes:
Took the car there, smashed it. Nothing.
Teleported myself to the festival. Took another car , smashed it again. Nothing.(x2)

(it was dark at this time)
Then drived around (the fake board), out of the woods, on some small hills near by. To my surprise, on one of these hills i see another board(same 15.000 i was looking for, same one in the you tube video). I was shocked.
I smashed it and the achievement poped up.

Should be a small hill. When on top of it, at night, you should see the fireworks from the festival.

Hope this helps somebody.