Bonus Boards?

Yesterday I finally managed to collect all the bonus boards, but I noticed something weird it shows that I have collected 251 out of 250??? no big deal I know just found it amusing. lol

Looks like you found the first bug in this game.

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Yeah who would have thunk it. lol

I still had 2 XP boards to get when it told me I had 250/250 and gave me the Achievement.

The benefit of getting all of the fast travel boards is obvious. But I still don’t understand why people bother with the XP boards. You get little to no exp from the boards. I’m guessing it’s for the achievement??? Still can’t really wrap my head around that one.

Just something to do for me, the challenge of getting the hard to reach ones can be fun.

I just like exploring the map, and having a reason to go places I wouldn’t otherwise go. I wish they’d add more. Not for the XP per se, but just for the excuse to look around, and maybe even get the drone out.

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Think u missed one it shows 252/250 here

I’ll take a look lol

I have 252/250. 100/100 1,000 XP boards, 75/75 3,000 XP boards, and 25/25 5,000 XP boards. Oddly enough, there are exactly 2 treasure chests, which makes me suspect they are counting the treasure chests in the bonus boards numerator total.

Now I feel cheated I only got 251 out of 250, maybe I should submit a support ticket pmsl


Playground games currently have 2565/10 support tickets to solve!

Hmm maybe I should just say I am done with this game because I only got 251 out of 250 bonus boards and demand a refund. ROFLMAO!

I’m at 199/200 XP Boards.
I got the achievement.

On the map it shows an XP board in purple near the Hotel Danger Sign Jump. To the right of the jump - not the one in front of the jump.
I can’t see it, maybe it’s on the roof but I can’t find a way up there.

Any ideas please?

There’s a hill/slope on the west side of the hotel that you can use to jump on the roof. I think you have to hit it at 120+ mph.

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Not sure on what terms you are with google, but sometimes it can be your friend:
Fast travel: Forza Horizon 5 - All 50 Fast Travel Bonus Board Locations - YouTube
5K: Forza Horizon 5: All 25 5,000 Influence Bonus Board Locations - YouTube
3k: Forza Horizon 5: All 75 3,000 Influence Bonus Board Locations - YouTube
1K: Forza Horizon 5: All 100 1,000 Influence Bonus Board Locations - YouTube

Thanks friend.
I actually thought it was a bug.
I watched the 5K vid you shared and saw the way to get it.

Cheers guy!!
Now 200/200

I feel the same way, Peregrine57. This activity along with the danger signs are my two most favorite things to do in the game.