XP boards

I have 100/100 for 1000xp, 75/75 for 3000xp and 18/25 for 5000xp. But my total is 244/250 :thinking:

I might as well ask this here, does FH5 have a drone mode which I’ve missed? It would make finding some of the boards easier. (And barn finds.)

Yup. Go to creative hub tab in the pause menu it’s at the bottom right


Brilliant, thank you.

The game seems very selective about when to add boards to the map. I’ve been directly in front of one parked and it still didn’t register it. Still got quite a few not on my map at all and a fair number that are that I haven’t spent time working out how to get (or more accurately worked out what to throw my car off to land on them).

I still have about 20 to find, I am going to have to painstakingly study a guide map of them. And then there’s the ones I do know about, but are in silly places like at the top of a radio tower or pylon. I spent 10 minutes the other day getting this one… maybe there was an easier way but this was how I did it. Xbox achievements have a lot to answer for…

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This is me not getting the pylon board! I took a photo thinking I’d got it, then when I came out of photo mode my car dropped out of the sky without it!

Fortunately I got it a few more attempts later, though must have taken 35-40 attempts all together, and this was the last one I needed.


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I got the remaining boards tonight.

Before I got the last one, it showed I had two left to get, does this class as a bug?

Me getting the pylon and radio tower ones…

The achievement popped anyway and I got the accolade so I guess the game is happy!

My final board remaining was the XP one in the electric pylon by the motorway.
I spend yonks & attempts in high double figures from three different directions but couldn’t smash it.
Then I randomly received a pop-up stating that I had smashed all 250 influence boards…

Took it as a given and now moved on to getting 1st place in all the Road Races. :o)

Did the last 5000xp board in the lake and i now have 251/250 bonus boards :grin:

I’m still stuck on 199/200 XP boards, no idea where the last one is.

Is it 1000, 3000 or 5000xp board you are missing ?

  1. While looking at my stats I also see I have 15 of 14 barn finds :thinking: This game is funny.

My total boards is showing as 250/250 but I know it is actually meant to be 251. Because Forza.

Yup same here with 251/250 and that’s not only one that goes over …

My tactics to find few remaining boards … laptop connected to big TV, map with boards open in ms paint, with nice big red marker and desktop running FH5. Mark those from game map and visit remaining.

Great minds… that’s what I did to get the achievement. I ticked them all off. But then was left scratching my head when the game still says I’m one short…

You can buy treasure map. Much better.

Strange thing is that i have 100/100 75/75 and 25/25 for XP boards and 50/50 for fast travel boards but the total is 251/250 :flushed:

Reload the map and do it again and realize how you ticked off wrong board … don’ ask me how I know … lol

Mine was the one up north, far from road.
And wore out R key on that one hanging from power line tower …

It might be a bug with the game, I would hate to spend a few hours looking and then realise I do actually have them all for sure. I have all the most commonly known ‘hard to find’ or difficult to reach ones. I don’t think it will improve my life to get the last one, maybe if I get to the point in the game where it’s the only accolade remaining :stuck_out_tongue:

Found it… it was the one on the building roof, bottom left of the map at Palacio Azul del Oceano. Only when I put the drone right up to the building did it appear on the map. I got it easily enough after that.

Annoying that I have driven very close to it before but it doesn’t show up on the map. I think they just really want you to buy their treasure map.

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