discovered all roads, still missing 55 bonus boards?

So i just spent about 3 hours today getting the last 70+ road discoverys for the achievement, then i spent another 15 minutes getting all the remaining bonus boards… Only to realize i have 95 out of 150…

Im missing 55 bonus boards even with all the roads discovered?

Xbox one btw…

Would really help if someone told me how to unlock the locations on the map, i thought it was just from discovering the road nearest to them

There are many boards that aren’t on the roads.
There are the 15,000 xp ones which are really hidden. An example is the far bottom left of the map which you drive down a dock to get the hidden board.
You can either try and find them as all or just search for a guide.

The boards are hidden. I have found some hidden in interesting locations not near roads. Some are hidden in plain sight. You have to do a lot of exploring to find all of them. I haven’t found them all but here are a couple of suggestions on searching.

  1. Look at the map. Do you see areas you might be able to get to but there is no road.
  2. Do you see a building slightly away from the road? Go explore it.
  3. Go down all the unmarked dirt paths.

All this takes time, a lot more than the discovering the roads but you will find things.

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Some of them are hidden in the trees off the beaten path and are a bit tricky to find. If you need help finding them all just click this link Scroll down about half a page and you’ll see a map that shows all the board locations.—Discount-Boards-location.aspx–game-interactive-Map–few-tips-for-good-start.aspx

Check behind buildings along routes and out in fields/forests.

So i have to actually drive near them for them to appear on the map? Guess i gotta go hunting then :confused:

Yeah, if you get close enough to one it will show up on the map.

Hunting for the sign boards really gives us a reason to explore! They can be in the middle of nowhere just as easily as being behind buildings or at the road side.