Xbox track voting w/ Tx458 not possible

Without a secondary controller turned on and signed into the same GT, it is not possible to vote for the next track online while using the ThrustMaster 458 Italia wheel.

I encountered the same problem, horizon 3 seemed to have all this smoothed out

I have a Logitech wheel and it’s probably the same for most wheels. Binding L and R pushes for in game functions knowing people use wheels = dumb.


Has this been fixed?


I remember Turn 10 saying they hired an expert on steering wheels for consoles to make sure Forza 7 would be nicer on wheel users. I haven’t seen one bit of this expert’s work in the game. In Horizon 3 you never needed to use the controller. Now I’m forced to use the controller for track voting, but often when I use the controller, it automatically disables my wheel and I have to turn the game off, so I can play with the wheel again.