I do love your post as it expresses a lot of the frustration that I often feel when it comes to the sharefront system on Forza since it was introduced back on FM5.

I wanted to be fair to them and checked just now and yes, there is no apparent way to see your competition winning design without searching for it. This could just be an oversight on PG/T10’s part, where they take a little time to give them that ‘featured’ status. It’s the first competition on the new game and I don’t know what lines of communication they have in place between the forum and the guy who does the ‘featuring’ - so a little benefit of the doubt is in order.

I’ve loved this series since the first game and been painting since FM2. It’s pretty soul destroying to actually share your paints these days. To give that some context, I have 31 designs shared, I also bought UE and shared a chunk of those within a day of launch. I have a massive 135 downloads across all 31 paints. The only plus side is I have 15 followers, so I’m hoping, that at least that means those people who have been able to find my designs, wanted to find more of them lol. Still I’ve seen posts from people who say followed artists work isn’t showing at the head of the queue either, so maybe they are just wasting their time and will give up doing that eventually.

I have no idea what the answer is, otherwise I would be adding to wishlists left right and centre about how to change the system but the bottom line is - unfortunately I don’t have the answer.

You can’t make people want your work - obviously it would help greatly if they could see it, so that should be the starting point. But other than that, well it may just be tough. It will be understandable though if a lot of painters who share your frustration, just hang up there brushes altogether.

I’m not there yet but the incentive to start painting is slowly ebbing with each release.

I hope your issues get solved and that the competitions, whilst not the answer may at least be some kind of band aid for the problems inherent in the system.




I am also frustrated with the storefront and sharing in general. I’m glad you took the time to share your thoughts in a well laid out and thorough manner. This is something that needs to be discussed and addressed.

Sharing currently is first come first serve and has a sort of snowball effect where the first few folks to share something (that gets any traction via downloads or likes) end up first and it’s game over for pretty much anyone else then. Unless you’re the likes of don jewon song or someone with a big following you have zero chance of getting your product out there where someone might download it. And we can’t see who’s paint or tune a player is running multiplayer (and there’s no tunes shown in rivals) so there’s not really a chance for “natural growth” for any of the stuff you can share in this game. Completely destroys the motivation. There’s literally no point for me to share something.


Got to say I preferred your original post.

But no worries, you said your piece & as I said I feel your frustration. It may just be, you have taken a moment to consider your words and had a change of heart, or was just disappointed by the response. Either way it’s cool with me.

Take care lad.