Worse wheel FFB on gravel/offroad, than Forza Horizon 3? Why no fix?

By using same settings (damper 0, spring 0, minimum force 100) I could get great FFB offroad in Forza Horizon 3.

Now when I use same settings, the wheel (T500) gets terrible rattling on gravel roads, especially in high speed cornering. Only cars that don’t get this, are older cars with loose steering, or some extreme buggies. It’s terrible in something like modern Ferrari or even anything basic like Ford Focus. Anything with accurate steering. But normal car shouldn’t make the wheel rattle like this…

Why can’t it be more like FH3? It’s terrible, causing me to drive only on tarmac

I just tested FH3 side by side, and it’s miles better… no rattling

It’s as if FH4 was designed to be used with damper/spring on. But I didn’t use them in FH3, I don’t want dampening… it makes the wheel feel sluggish and unresponsive