Issues with wheel driving in FH4

DISCLAIMER: This is N O T the “wheel won’t work unless turned more than 90d” issue.

Heyo, so I just got a racing wheel and I’m having an issue in FH4 with it.
Wheel is a Thrustmaster TX Leather
The issue I’m having is that for whatever reason when cornering the car will lose all grip for a split second and careen WAAAAAAAAAAAY off course into the direction I was turning. My problem is that bc of how FFB in the wheel is that is has the wheel going completely slack for that second that you lose grip, and it makes it VERY difficult to correct in any reasonable sort of time.

I’m not sure if this is an issue with my settings or something I’m doing, I’ve managed to reduce the frequency of it happening just by racing slower and more carefully.
I have no clue what’s wrong and it’s infuriating trying to learn to play with a wheel whenever I try to turn I basically blast off into space and can’t fix it. The only way I’ve found to “fix” is to avoid entirely by racing INCREDIBLY carefully, so carefully I never win races because I get passed by every single racer lmao in the process of trying not to slip-N-slide.

The primary problem here is that no matter what I do I’m basically. driving on ice (metaphor) and when I eventually slip, I can’t correct because my steering wheel basically just flings me the other way bc it drops its resistance completely and it’s absolutely infuriating.

Thanks for any sort of info you can provide!

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Have you tried inverting the FFB, there is a tick box for it. Some wheels need force inverted others don’t.

I do not have any issues with my G25, works and feels pretty good.

My G25 is set to 900 degrees in its PC settings and 100% strength, Spring and Damper effect at 0, Centering spring off (these are all standard settings for a wheel on PC no canned effects).

Vibration off
FFB Scale at 80 to 85, can always got to 100 if it feels weak.
Center spring to 0
Damper spring to 0
FFB Under steer leave at 50 (supposedly does nothing anyway at moment as broken)
FFB Minimum at 100 (works in reverse)

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Alright I’ll give all that a go!

I installed all the latest stuff as soon as I plugged it in, I’m just trying to figure out if it’s something I’m doing that can be fixed on my end before I make any sort of support claims.

You just got your wheel? Be sure to download the latest drivers and firmware from Thrustmaster, whether you are playing on PC or Xbox - it’s important you start out right.

If you’re still having trouble, open a support ticket here so that the team can investigate.

go to this thread use transfix settings with the 20 deadzone thing.its amazing.

hello I have the simliar problem. My car always loose grip on turns. Wheel is a Thrustmaster TX Leather too.

Anyone figure out how to fix it?

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Hello All,

I recently purchased the game with thurstmaster TX wheel

I am running the game on xbox one x. I tried multiple wheel settings for thursmaster Tx wheel found online.

But it does not matter which setting I use, my car always slide off road and lose control during corning at speed above 100 km/hr. It feels like I am driving on ice and just slide off the road even with Subaru wrx car.

Anyone have the same problem? If so, how did you fix it? Thank you.

Slow down
Its winter


It’s not winter that’s the problem, it’s that wheels are very, very broken in this game when it comes to the slightest bit of oversteer sending you into snap spins.

actually. I am having this problem on sunny day with dry road

someone heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllppp same problem here with g27


This is a problem with the game not your wheel, FH3 worked fine. You can get round the problem by messing with the tuning for each car. You need to pick a car you like and mess around with the tuning. Look at ways to reduce oversteer etc. changing the roll bars, alignment, etc. Also putting a spoiler on everything helps, not ideal but you will notice a difference straight away with most cars and the way it responds when you turn the wheel and how skidding is corrected.

The problem I have is you turn in a direction and then when you want to level out the car just keeps turning, you try and correct it and shoot to far the other way. It can be fixed by messing with the car. I have around 10 cars that feel really good and drive how I want them to all because of messing with the cars tuning.

It’s great when you get it right, the problem is you can never be truly competitive because those using controllers will usually have an advantage.

Thrustmaster t150rs pro same problem. I have to use 100 restarts to win any race and drive slowly and carefully. I even practiced drifting in M4 but it won’t help in racing. I gave up after all and grabed xone pad it’s way more enjoyable.

I’ve got a Logitech g920 complete setup with the 90d problem, so I know everyone’s frustration using wheels and FH4. I’m not computer illiterate and tried car tweaks, updated drivers, wheel settings etc. Nothing works 100%; the problem is client side. I spent days trying and failing. Dev’s don’t seem to care or are afraid to admit they don’t know how to fix it.

Best advice? Harsh as it may sound, just use a controller and after a few hours practice you’ll be kicking butt; it’s a lot less frustrating trying to fight a broken system. All of a sudden I could drift, (sort of as I’m more into Rally stuff) slide through corners under control and so forth. I’ll say this though, when the next Forza game comes out, I certainly won’t be the first in line to drop $100 bucks when there are many “other” great games where wheels DO work out of the box.

I use a Fanatec CSW v2.5 and I also hate the effect you speak of. The wheel going slack when losing traction also occurs in FM7, although there’s nothing I can do about it because the require wheel setting parameter is absent.
I personally dealt with this issue initially by reducing the understeer effect.
I have since altered the settings, whereby the understeer effect is now default again and changed other aspects e.g maxing out the damper, centre spring and ffb scale and adjusting the wheel base settings accordingly but reducing the understeer effect prevents the wheel from feeling limp under loss of traction, at least on the v2.5 anyway.
It took some work but imo FH4 is the best ffb experience I’ve had. It beats fm2, fm7, fm3 (obv), pc2, (which I hate personally). Only Dirt Rally feels better and maybe F1 2018.

I have the Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition for Xbox One and have struggled to find the perfect settings to achieve the same level of feedback and precision I had in FH3. Granted, this is a matter of personal preference, but I’m finding these latest settings to be MUCH improved from all prior attempts.

Set all to default, except below:

Hope that helps.

In my case, change of different car brand can help.
When I use Subaru, the car lose grip super easy, impossible to control by wheel.
When I switch to Mitsubishi Evolution X, it grip super stable on the ground.
I suspected some of the car type is only suitable for 360 controller by design.

Additional Test Results:

  1. FWD - Most Stable Drive
  2. 4WD - OK and you need to be a bit careful when turn
  3. RWD - Impossible to drive as straight line…

I am currently having problems with my wheel in fh4, i am using the Logitech g27 with a reasnow cross hair. I use this wheel as it is my personal favourite.
I am getting FFB but not that much, it turns back really slow, I try to adjust the FFB in the settings in the game but nothing changes, this makes it hard for me to race and drift with the wheel. - YouTube