World's Fastest in winter IMPOSSIBLE

Hey, so I’m a big fan of the season system but oh my lord, in things like Horizon stories it’s absolutely ridiculous. Especially the one with the Senna, where you have to drive through all these roads with snow on it it’s impossible to get the already hard 3 star rating. Not fair! :confused:

Wait until Spring which starts in less than 48 hours.


So just do it in a different season.

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Exactly what the others said. I haven’t done any of the Horizon Life jobs since Winter started, I’m just going to wait until Spring hits on Thursday.

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Does it rain in spring? If it does then it’s going to be a case of wait until a dry day in spring (or wait another week until summer) because some of those 3 stars were just as hard during the damp season of autumn. The challenge is appreciated though.

They took the mantra “seasons change everything” seriously. And I’m happy about it. Sucks it has you use stock vehicles. But keep trying and you might get it. To save on time cut through the roundabouts with rewind on. Saved me a load of time.

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LOL The seasons change each week.

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Glad I completed everything before it even switched to Autumn lol. Everything was done in summer (dry and hot). Very easy tasks

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It’s not like there is sod all to do while you wait, is there?


Ha. You’re darn tootin’. Jokers.

You have to focus on different things, as in real life.

However, winter in this game is very limiting, because you can do in summer everything you can in winter and then some. So, for completion of the game, winter is useless. It might help with drifting for the Drift Club but that’s it.

I’m also not touching the Horizon Stories until Spring now. Only one that’s really do-able in Winter is Drift Club.

Did the first two World’s Fastest in Autumn but then it changed to Winter and it’s impossible to drive at crazy speeds on snow and ice (or if you do you spin all over the place).

Did do the first two LaRacer chapters in Winter but it took several attempts and I only just managed to scrape one star on them!

The stuntman chapter where you have to park on the shipping container actually seemed easier in winter, interestingly enough. The water at the bottom of the quarry is one of the rare bodies of water that freeze solid in the 42°F winter temperatures. So instead of being slowed by water you just line it up and slide to the ramp like a rocket.

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