Stuck in winter

Hey guys, I went into my 2nd winter season and don’t know what I need to move on to spring. The last showcase I did was racing the jet. I’ve just been in the winter season 4 10 levels now.

Any ideas what I need to do?

Its winter now for everyone, it changes on a Thursday. New week, new season.


Not sure what you mean by your 2nd Winter season. But as far as I know, you can’t change seasons… its winter for everyone in the game, til next Thursday. The seasons change for everyone, every week. Spring will start next Thursday.

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Did you do all the intro story missions and unlocked the live seasons?

Man, I’m not sure if I finished all the story intro. I think I did. I sound like an idiot I’m sure, but I’m level 32 would love to know how to start the live sessions. I don’t know why I’m just having a slow learning curve on this game and interface.

Damn, I had no idea they were weekly seasons. I think that’s actually pretty cool. Thanks guys.

At level 20, you would have made the horizon roster, at which time they would have said head back to the festival, and it is then marked new. When you get there and enter, they play a bunch of videos and you are on your way. So if you reached level twenty within the past ~36 hours, and made the roster, you are in the current winter season, which lasts for another 5 days.

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you can race in different seasons if you use blueprint.