Stuck in winter season

I finished the main races including The Goliath race. No new races are popping up on the map. I purchased over a half a dozen houses too and I don’t know why season isn’t changing, I am stuck in the winter season.

Please advise.

It should be Summer currently. It changes to Autumn tomorrow at 9:30AM EST. See if there is an update that you have not installed. Is the 2020 Mustang on your Festival Playlist?

I haven’t launched the game for a month now. It probably is summer then. That was my fault. Thank you

Most likely you need to win some moore races before the game opens, race on!

Ive been stuck in winter season too since october but I guess thats because I`m residing in norway

I’m lost in this game. I don’t know all the rules and regulations. Motorsport’s campaign was straight forward for me.

Thanks for your input

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