wolfie darling - paint gallery

Hi everybody, I was quite active in the paint booth in ‘FH3’ and I am excited to be back in this series racing and painting cars in Mexico in ‘FH5’. I’ll be importing some of my designs from ‘FH3’ and working on lots of new stuff. I try lots of different things, but my work generally falls into the more cute zone, with lots of designs inspired by videogames and anime. I will post my designs here.

Hope you enjoy!

Mobile Suit Gundam


Blanka (from Street Fighter)

Rusty Armadillo

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Ice Cream

Rusty Ice Cream

Lil Ice Cream


This put a smile on my face. Nicely done!

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Thanks! Glad you like it!


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You did a good job with the rust effect on the F-100 and the Totoro vinyl just makes me want to smile every time I look at it :grin:


Thanks, mate! Glad you like them!

Poison (from Final Fight and Street Fighter)

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Task Force X

Urusei Yatsura


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Noisy Cricket

Meow Meow Love


Juri (from Street Fighter)