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Hey guys and girls,

I’ve been painting in forza since 2007 and here you can find my latest creations!

Take care of the painting and tuning community by downloading AND liking what you download, that way they get something in return!

Thanks for checking out my gallery!


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Available designs:

I wanted to have new images of my designs, and I finally got around to taking my designs to the track(s)!!
A couple came out pretty good/real (imo) :grinning:

Good to be trying something new in Forza :wink:


Horizon Zero Dawn

LL Cool J

Monster Energy

Frozen’s Olaf

Pepper Project

Rocket Raccoon

Scooby Doo

Spider Woman

Star Wars : the Force Awakens




My shared vinyl groups.

You can find them by searching my GT or the words in the images :slight_smile:

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Really astounding designs Snake. Pepper Project will top my list.

Superb start snake

That Ford GT is a must!


Absolutely agreed, it’s a stunning paint.

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Not a big fan of running fantasy style paints on my cars but im always amazed at what you guys can do in the livery editor. Awesome work!

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ABSOLUTELY AMAZING MATE!!! Keep up the great work here mate, I can’t wait to see even more of these amazing designs. The way you can do photorealistic LL Cool J and other stuff is just inspiring.

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I want the S2000 but not sure if i can be seen driving a Frozen livery on track especially as would insist on playing ‘let it go’ at full volume! haha!

look forward to seeing what you come up with during FM6!


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Super hot paints in here.Don’t call it a comeback i’ve been here for years Snake is gunna knock you out so says LL Snake J…


I’ve already picked up the pepper Ford GT - it was featured when I bought the car for the achievement. Love that design and will be going after your others over the next few days, so much to do, so little time!

Thanks for putting these up SnakeEyes & look forward to seeing new stuff from you. Will be sure to like them as I download, you make a good point there.



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Thanks guys!!! Much appreciated!!

A couple more added to the roster :wink:

Yeah alright this one was already on the list…

I didn’t get an achievement for owning the Ford GT… or do you get it for buying it??? (i got mine as a gift (i think for playing the demo) )

I don’t really do off-road, but when I do THIS will be worn!!

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You have to buy one for the cheevo.
That pick up actually looks good! And that’s totally because of your painting! Awesome stuff!

Outstanding work as always!

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Really nice work snake, even going as far to make the raptor look good, now you just need to find a diecast model of it to paint.

Even more amazing designs around here, I can’t wait to see whats next!

Cleaned up the OP and added images to the available designs list! :slight_smile:

Pepper Project:
2017 Ford GT

2015 Ford Mustang GT

Rocket Raccoon:
2013 Toyota GT86

Frozen / Olaf:
2001 Honda S2000 Fast & Furious Edition

LL Cool J:
2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition

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Thanks for your replies guys! searching for source pics right now :wink: