wing wobble/wiggle!?

Either my eyesight/TV is knackerd or the Forza Edition Maserati GT-S rear wing wobbles/wiggles at speed. So far this is by far the coolest things ive seen in the game


I noticed tailpipes moving around when I rev up the cars, that was a nice 1 too.

I also noticed the Camaro FE wing moving around and I don’t particularly like it. I only drive in this view to admire the cars while driving but it gives the impression that the wing needs to be tightened down.

It’s a nice sort of thing when done right, but the moment you’re moving, those things are shaking up a storm. I first noticed it when I was cruising at 20mph in my Civic Type R, and the mirror looks like it is being blasted by a personal tornado. Antennas go stupid at cruising speed too, my mom has one of those antennas on her truck that has the make emblem molded into it, and it doesn’t even seizure around at highway speeds like they do in-game going 20. It was cool at first but quickly started irritating me.


It is just a nice touch. In FM6 somebody drove past one of the cameras at like 1 mile an hour and the thing shook like it was in an earthquake. Same thing I guess with the wing wobble etc. They are just nice visual touches that are full on and don’t really react to the environment. Personally I like them. I was watching one of the IMSA race replays and I was watching the car wings closely and you know what they wobble. Now the flames from the tailpipes well I have heard complaints about that too. But you know what? I use that as a visual clue that the guy in front of me has lifted off the throttle. So I have to ether setup and make my pass or drop behind and slow down so I don’t run into them. Why complain about that?

I don’t mind the wings so much, but I have never seen a rear view mirror shake like that in any car, ever. Also, there are quite a few cars that have issues with their hoods vibrating excessively. I’ve operated real street cars in excess of 170 mph, these things do not happen and bad for immersion.

Even my old Subaru STi, with that air brake of a hood scoop didn’t cause anything to shake or vibrate at 160 mph.

edit but flames coming from that tail pipes? Keep that, totally cool. Objectively cars that shoot flames are superior to cars that do not shoot flames. It’s science.

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In my opinion it’s one of the most useless features. I have literally never seen car parts shake that way and find i rather disturbing in cockpit view. Especially in some cars the inside rear view mirror goes crazy and due to be zoomed in to the dashboard its really exaggerated. I would love to see an option to turn atleast the mirrors off.

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