Will the game support the xbox 360 controller?

I am really looking forward to FH3, sadly i do not own an xbox only a PC.

The only controller i have is the xbox 360 controller that i use for all my platform and racing games, i also played alot of Forza 6 apex with it and it feels really good.

Does anyone know if FH3 will support the xbox 360 controller or just the xbox one controller?

Like you, I use the 360 controller. I doubt anything will change Controller wise between Apex and Horizon 3. The only difference is probably more added support. If for some odd reason they don’t allow the 360 controller to be used, than there will be many softwares that you can run to use your controller.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t, especially as Apex was compatible with it.
BTW, I only have a X360 controller as well. An X1 Elite would be nice but I’m too much of a casual gamer to make one worth the cost.

If you don’t have them already I have some deadzone settings for the controller that made a huge difference when driving, particularly when cornering. Shout if you want them.

I’ll take those. I just got my Forza 4 back which had my favorite settings. Once I’m able to boot it up I’ll gladly trade you settings!

I got mine from here in the first post (Credit and thanks to the poster):

This is what I used with Apex and an X360 controller. They allowed me to finally do a decent Top Gear lap without driving off the track or crawling around a corner.
I’d definitely be curious to see your settings. Forza 4 and FH1 were the last Forza games I played but I don’t have either of them anymore.

it should with the xbox 360 wireless usb dongle for PC

Unfortunately for me I only have a PlayStation 4 controller. I have used it to play American Truck Simulator with a program that allows it to emulate an Xbox 360 controller and it works pretty good in that, but I have to have it connected via USB. I’m hoping I can use it to play Forza Horizon 3 via the same method or preferably with the official USB Wireless Adaptor that Sony is releasing soon, otherwise I will have to use the keyboard and mouse.

I would use xbox one controller for better stick and trigger response. Not sure about FH2 and apex, but with FM6 you could feel via rumble when you were about to lock up or were at the edge of losing traction. I could never tell with the 360 controller.