Which controller to buy?

Hello, I have recently thought of buying Horizon 3 for pc, and I think that it is a must to play racing games on pc with a controller, not keyboard. So, I’ve had an xbox 360 and i held it’s controller, and I think it’s pretty comfortable for me (i have a bit larger hands), and for me, a wired xbox 360 controller is 35€. But i also thought of getting an Xbox One controller, which is 50€ for me. I have not held it, and i read that it has smaller joysticks than the 360 controller, but everything else is a lot better than the 360 controller. I also heard, since xone controller cable is not attached to the gamepad itself, after some time it can unplug itself from the controller really easily. So, my question is, which controller should I go with for my pc? Which is more comfortable? The x360 one or xbone? Thanks! Also sorry for my bad english