Will the community getting rewards

Well, this was entertaining I am glad I dropped by.


As a community we are the ones to blame for where we are with games. Pre-orders and supporting micro transactions is what got us in this mess of games with less and less to start. I’m just speaking generally here. We can request suggestions of improvements and features and hope they are implemented but I wouldn’t expect T10 to be handing out any kind of “rewards.”


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Forza 7 is a complete mess. Even the Masterchief Collection wasn’t this broken. Forza was once the pinnacle of racing games, now it feels like everything just sucks. The multiplayer, the tyre walls, the steering, the cars, the same old tracks, the severe LOD popups, the tuning, the Forzathons. Forza was the only racing game I needed for a year. Not anymore, F1 2017 is lightyears better. With great steering for arcade and simulation, pit stops, tyre wear, smart AI, great tracks and an incredibly rewarding gameplay. Oh and muktiplayer just works. Without having to put tyre walls everywhere. Crazy. I am still going to buy Forza Horizon 4 blind but Forza 8 is quite literally dead to me. Forza 7 got me a bunch of missing features, then a bunch of not working features, a scam and the worst car pass content ever. I’d be a complete moron if I continued buying these games.


With most of the games this gen being buggy and broken, with a focus on DLC and microtransactions above the base game, I’ve become a 6 month used gamer. I will only pick up a game used now at least 6 months after its release. These developers don’t deserve my money anymore so the used route ensures they don’t see a dime and the 6 month window is usually when they have enough patches out to fix their broken game from launch. No special editions or DLC for me either. This is how I will now game on my own terms.


Bugs, even serious ones, can manifest themselves in any game - and often do. The biggest issue with this game isn’t the bugs as such, its the lack of and rate of patches to get the game running well for people. I’ve not had any real issues myself, a few frame drops and I think one freeze but some guys can’t even get into the game and that’s not on.


Yeah but it could just as easily connect you to Dan Greenawalt and Alan Hartman rubbing dollar bills on their nipples while Ralph Fulton on his knees says “please sir, can i have some more”.


No dollar bills, most definitely $100s​:joy::joy::joy:


I must be the only one that has a version of Forza 7 that isn’t broken. The game works fine for me. There are some minor cosmetic bugs but nothing that ruins the game.
The only real issue I have is the multiplayer is full of rammers but this has been the case in every game since Forza 4 so I fully expect every Forza to be the same. I wish Turn 10 would fix that but it’s a problem in most racing games other than hardcore Sims. The league’s have now launched so that should fix these issues.

Just out of interest those that want refunds/rewards/the game to be free etc. How many hours have you played of the game, if it is over 30hrs then you have no right to demand anything.


nope you aren’t the only one
I play it on both xbone and pc and don’t have any issues playing on both, works fine for me

the Op hasn’t even bought the game so deserves nothing
those that do have issues just deserve to have the game working correctly for them

I’m enjoying the game, I don’t feel I deserve anything. Had a couple of non game breaking bugs and no crashes at all.

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Just uninstalled Forza 7 from my PC, after perhaps 50 hours of racing ( don’t know how many exactly ) I realized it’s not the kind of racing sim I like. But I do NOT regret the money spent, because after buying and playing the full game I know what Forza is about. And there were interesting moments also, it’s not that bad game. Have seen worse racing sims for sure. And it was good looking, nobody can deny that.

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