Will the community getting rewards

Those, who paid for this game, should be rewarded IMO for doing the work Turn10 already should have done. And this is testing the game. Seriously, releasing a game with bugs is one thing, but patching it and break more things is completely a different thing. Right now is see it this way: The game is developed by the publisher and getting tested by outsourced freelancer which are paying for this to do. Seems a bit strange, yes, though it’s maybe the path to do things now.

Next time, when a patch arrives, open a topic in which everyone can place a bet for what he/she believes got broken and what will be not fixed.


Could not agree more #worst forza ever

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Not counting the ‘Early Access VIP experience’ if you bought the Ultimate Edition… Christ on a bike, 100 quids for a broken game that had most of its features locked, waiting for the One X to come out is quite shady. We’re in bloody December and thank god we’ve got everything ‘running’

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As frustrating as it is, we are alone with this half-baked product. I think I’m starting to finally give up on this game. I have barely touched it in the past 2 weeks (only reason was Forzathon and earning money for specialty dealer cars… pretty lame reasons actually). Luckily my save game is still intact. Only thing we can do is to be smarter next time and not pre-order nor buy the game before it is actually complete and playable (same goes for expansions).


I agree completely, all though it’s hard to actually follow through. That’s why I still check the forum regularly, GT Sport isn’t FM, and I miss FM and wish it wasn’t a total :poop:. However I’m seeing that this is the future of Turn 10, full priced betas, chock full of bugs and glitches, from start to finish. It’s crazy, just released leagues as some big huge awesome feature and it’s totally broken, insane​:man_facepalming:

Have they not made enough money to test things out?!?


Everyone is complaining these days about the state of the games are in when released, and jet everyone keeps buying/pre ordering these games… Simply just stop buying/pre ordering games and wait until you can get some serious reviews on it first.

This is the best answer.

We won’t be getting any “apology gifts” for the release of an incomplete and buggy game as that would force Turn 10 to admit that their game was incomplete and buggy in the first place.

The VIP scenario was unique as it created a frenzy where people were mass-refunding the game and negative news was spreading to non-Forza communities (similar to the launch of Forza Motorsport 5). The moment negative news goes beyond the border of existing customers to mass-market potential customers is when action is taken, and this will most likely not happen for the various issues the game has right now as that “frenzy” isn’t there anymore to force their hand.


Ok so lets say the entire gaming community takes your advice and dont buy the game or games till the gameing reviews are in, since no gamers have bought the game on your advice who will do the reviews, its not like you can believe a word out of the mouths of the payed reviewers, so who will be reviewing the games no one has bought because they are all waiting for the gameing community to post the reviews and feed back on the game before they buy it.:thinking::thinking::confused::confused: Some how I dont think this would work to well.

I’m happy to say, i haven’t bought it. Just being able to play it from time to time and i won’t buy the next one as well. This game just shows the lack of interest from Turn10. Rivals are completely gone, except always same tracks with just different cars. VIP is nothing else then gain more money from customers for the same as standard edition and so much more problems to write that the post will be as long like the book lord of the rings.

IMO, FM7 should be like FM5 available as Games for Gold for free.


Not sure if I’m reading this right but you want to be rewarded for playing a game that you haven’t even bought
Now that’s ridiculous

This comment and your mindset are absolutely ridiculous. Your solution to the thread proposing rewards for those that BOUGHT THE GAME under what they are considering false pretenses/advertising is to GIVE THE GAME AWAY for FREE to EVERYONE? I don’t understand how a person can even get to the point of entitlement you are showing you feel. This is honestly the most ridiculous thing I have read on these forums in a while… Please, reconsider your way of thinking…it’s actually a bit scary.


Yes, you are right, you are not reading it right. Read the first sentence again until you understand it. Hint: It is starting with it.

So you also would buy an expensive computer which does not work like it is supposed to? You may like then to buy some stuff from me? I can build you a computer which crashes a lot, connect you to random people on Skype, open different links when you tried to click on one, saving data on places you never thought exists or saving not at all and many more features. And if you are willing to pay 10% more, i will add a blue wallpaper.


You’ll build a computer that connects to random people on Skype? I’m sold. Maybe it’l connect me to say, idk, Chris Martin or Barack Obama.

I had actually had the same mindset a few weeks ago complaining about some feature that still isn’t fixed. I figured Turn 10 will never get around to fixing it and this game will be in Games for Gold in a matter of months due to so many people not playing it so they can at least make a little more money off the DLC as I’m sure few people will buy it now after reviews and seeing this forum.


This is my very last game purchase for a while. The next game that I will purchase with either be indy or when anthem is released next winter.

I’m done, I can’t do this anymore.


I just read this post. Note the word, or game I bolded.

You’re going from Forza to a game that will most likely be riddled with microtransactions, if not bugs.

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This release of Forza is the one that broke the camels back. No more pre-order’s from me, done!!!


And this is a massive shame as Forza was all ways a good solid game you could take to the bank and know with 90% accuracy it was going to be a good solid game, till it went crossplatform play anywhere. I think this may be what is killing it.

Would we have had all these problems if it had been kept as a Conlole Exclusive Game Only.

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Yes, we would have.

I don’t know what your issue with PC players is, but it most certainly is not their fault.

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I didn’t see where he has an issue with PC players?? Much less blaming them. Cross platform compatibility certainly has to be more difficult to implement, especially when considering the vast array of available hardware for PC’s, compared to a known quantity in a fixed console.

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