Why you blocked my topic?

I mean… I waste almost and hour!!! to write this topic :

My LONG honest opinion about FORZA in general :


Hi tried to open a discussion about the future of Forza. That was maybe one of the most interesting topic ever created in this forum, and the moderators just block my topic.

This is the oficial forum of the game, so you Guys (moderators) MUST BE more professional, and see the critics not as attack but as good things. You guys cannot live in a shell… because the game cannot improve because of that. MIND OPEN TO OPINIONS and hope you guys can be more professional. Again… this is the oficial forum right?

What do you guys think that I will do as a consumer? Obviously, after that, NO MORE FORZA FOR ME. That was a waste of time… and I regret all the money I gived to your team.

With games like Project Cars, GT7 and IRacing in the future, you guys have MUCH MORE respect for your costumer, because the future is not bright for your game.

VERY VERY BAD from Forza Oficial Website.

Looks like they directed you to provide your feedback dirctly to the developer. (This is an official forum but not designed or used by Turn 10 to solicit feedback) They probably didn’t need to close the thread, but then again, most of the arguments have been discussed on hundreds of threads so perhaps that is why it was locked.

But suggestions on changes to the game should be posted in the features wishlist probably. (again - these lists are not created by the developer - the lists are created by the community in hopes that Turn 10 will capture these requests from a consolidated thread. …no guarantee though.

Have to admit that other racing game developers are a lot better at communicating with their fans than Turn 10 are. You kinda just have to eat what’s on your plate or leave it with this series.

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No, YOU must follow the the rules of the site

TOS http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst10661_Forza-Motorsport-Forums-Terms-of-Use.aspx

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