Why should I waste $100?

Cars still having the same issues from FM5. Can’t transfer paints over without issues. Can’t use a wheel without issues. I’m still mad about the “SS” thing. Someone tell me why I should drop any sort of money on this.

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If you consider it a waste, you absolutely should not purchase the game.

You have a lot of information at your disposal from which to make a decision, if your decision is that you do not wish to purchase, that’s absolutely fine. To each their own.


I love the game so far. It reminds me a lot of forza 4 which is a good thing because I personally liked forza 4 better then forza 5.

There is much I am disappointed with too, but ultimately I know I’ll still have fun with this game.

The competition don’t quite make the game that I want as well as T10 with the Forza series, so I’ll buy FM6 and I’m sure I will end up pouring hours and hours into it even as many of the flaws, omissions and design choices make me roll my eyes.

When I’m driving the right car on the right track I’m pretty sure most of my personal grievances with the game will be forgotten temporarily at least.

Could be very different for others though.

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I guess it depends on what you want from a game.

This one has more cars than fm5, more tracks than fm5. It seems to me that it’s a fair bit grippier and easier to get to grips with than fm5. You can import paints you’ve already created on the XBoxone to it from previous Forza’s. It’s a fresh set of leaderboards to challenge on rivals, there will be more DLC coming with even more cars.

If you own an Xbone and like previous Forza titles & by that I mean have seriously invested time in to them, why wouldn’t you purchase this one - as chances are you can do the same again for the next 2 years or so on fm6.

Seems a no brainer to me but to each their own I suppose.

Also they added night driving and rain which all the previous forza’s never had.

My favorite quote from the Beard God: https://twitter.com/dan_greenawalt/status/629334590512041984


Also a great way to get sacked in most customer service careers. :wink:

I agree! You want sub sub sub par variable conditions? Well you got project cars, Gran Turismo, or maybe driveclub? You want actual simulated realism, you play Forza! I know I know, it hurts Sony’s butthole, but it’s okay to play a true simulator on the only available platform, Xbox.

Dang, I meant to mention that. Lol

What do you expect us to do? Beg for you to buy the game or what? If you don’t like the game simply don’t buy it. Go try it out at a friends house that owns the game and make your decision from there. You can’t please everyone.

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You posted this for someone to talk you into buying the game.

Just buy it…

Or dont…

Well… Unless you are a child… You can manage your money… If it’s a waste… Then don’t buy the game you troll

best $100 ever spent in Forza for me. I love it so far. I guess I don’t let tiny errors get to me over the whole of the game.

Racing in the rain and taking a Brabham BT24 around Monza.

That’s 2 good reasons right there…