Why no per-car FFB tuning for rentals?


Firstly, the last FFB update saved the game for me. I was able to knock the dust off and play the game. Thank you! That said, why no per-car tuning for rentals? There are times I want to test a car, or rent and do a one off race and I can’t because the per-car FFB can’t be adjusted for my FFB setup. I typically run each model around ~70-75 for FFB in the per-car setting. At 100, it overdrives my Fanatec horribly.

I’m pretty sure you can but you have to use the test drive function from the pre race (pit lane) menu to do so, will double check tonight

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Ah, this makes sense. I’ll try it out as well. I have found that when driving a car for the first time, I have to essentially start the race, press pause and make the adjustment.