Why? Just why?

Who’s idea was it to put an F1 race on Bathhurst in career mode? I’m sorry, but that just isn’t right. :-1:

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I thought that race was a blast. If you thread the line well you’re hauling up and over the top of the hill leading to the downhill esses at nearly 200 MPH.


The whole F1 series in this game is pretty dumb. The game has something like 10+ F1 tracks but the F1 series only uses two F1 tracks and one of them is in extreme rain. Someone had to sit down and actually say, “Let’s make the F1 series use no F1 tracks.”


Jensen Button did an unofficial 1m 38s lap of Bathhurst in an F1 car several years ago, so that’s something to aim for ;0)


According to Wikipedia the Austrailan Grand Prix has been held at Bathurst, most recently way back in 1958.



More 3rd world problems



1st world problems*

Agreed. AI behavior certainly doesn’t help here in open-wheel vehicles when they’re constantly locking wheels with you. I guess it’s a good thing Forza doesn’t simulate what happens when two wheels make contact.

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Any race at Bathurst is a bad race as far as I’m concerned. The drunken Death Star trench can take a flying leap into a dying sun.

Stiiillllll better than long beach. . .


I’ve come to like Long Beach and Bathurst in FM7, hated them in previous games. I have several top 5% times on Long Beach, if only the AI could figure out how to get around the track without putting every lap (P2 on unbeatable). Dubai, VIR, amd the tire barriers at Cataluna can disappear and not be missed though.

Mount Panorama is just where F1 belongs, for the simple fact that the track has been deemed too dangerous and out of compliance with FIA regulations to host a race there. These non-regulations represents a challenge for modern F1 or IndyCar open wheedlers on Mount Panorama - so Bring It!!!

Bathurst, one of my favorite tracks, it’s one I can turn up the AI difficulty on. Just had a race on it yesterday extra long. I’d never seen so many tires strung down the track on the last turn after the eses, by the end of the race there were blue n white tires that had made it to that long straight!