Modern Formula 1 on Forza 7


what do all these tracks have in common?.

They are all current or former tracks used by F1 so why oh why does turn 10 not use all of them in the modern grand prix race series?.

I thought the point of a game like forza was to be as realistic as possible?. How can it be realistic if they use such circuits such as Maple Grove (not a real circuit), Virginia & Bathurst.

Oh and while we r eon the subject in what way is it realistic to have off road racers on tracks with off road tyres?. If turn 10 can make up the Dubai circuit then surely they can make a pure of road series for forza thus making it a more complete game. At the moment all these series using off road vehicles seem to be pretty pointless in my opinion.


Wait, the Modern Grand Prix series doesn’t use all actual F1 tracks, when there’s enough tracks to make it work in the game? That’s really weird.

The NASCAR and IndyCar series both use entirely official tracks, and they have them in the right order, which I think is a nice touch. (Obviously, nether series has ALL its tracks represented, but every track that is in the Forza career is an actual track that the series raced on in 2017.)

Australian Supercars uses tracks that the series doesn’t race on, but the only Supercars track in the game is Bathurst, so that makes sense.

There’s a bunch of GT3 series out there, so it makes sense that the Touring Car series uses a combination of those. Same with GT cars, which can draw from IMSA’s GTD tracks and the WEC’s GTLM tracks.

I’m not sure whether the Forza P2 or Forza P1 series use all WEC tracks or not, although I think they can pull it off with the tracks in the game.

Australian supercars race at CoTA or at least they used to. Not sure now. I wanted to go badly to see the race!

Turn 10 do need to up their game with adding more real world tracks, but I’d argue focusing 100% on Formula 1 is not the way to go.

There are plenty of historic bad tracks in modern Formula 1 and not to mention every second Hermann Tilke designed F1 track turns out to be a dud.

Ultimately though I really want them to stop adding circuits in America and focus on the rest of the world. There are so many great tracks in Europe you can’t throw a dart at a map of Europe and not hit near a great track.

The only two circuits in the entire APAC region in FM7 are Bathurst and Suzuka. Fuji, Twin Ring Motegi, Tsukuba, Adelaide, Albert Park, Phillip Island, Surfers Paradise, Singapore and Sepang would all make great additions, some of which are good F1 tracks.

And T10 should at least add Interlagos, Autódromo Oscar Alfredo Gálvez and Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez to give us something real to race on in Central and South America. I’m sure there are great non-F1 tracks in that region too but since so few international racing series go to that part of the world I’m not familiar with them.

COTA and Yas Marina were both used in a single season of the old V8 Supercars Championship. The only track the Virgin Australia Supercars race on currently that’s in the game is Mount Panorama.

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I was surprised by the fact the F1 series didn’t use all the F1 tracks in the game, a little disappointed too. Was expecting the Indycar series to include more ovals too.

The biggest disappointment is the number of off road, rally and rally cross cars there are and all the events are tarmac. Surely T10 can get the lads at Playground games to make some rally stages and rally cross tracks. Not a deal breaker by any stretch but, come on guys, you have loads of Australian and Italian countryside all there in Horizon 2 and 3.

That’s going to be the DLC add on pack for FM7, we have got Porsches in the game at launch, and no one can say we’re short of cars so, Rally / Rally Cross DLC expansion?


I’d rather race the off road vehicles on any given paved circuit than modern F1 any day of the week. It’s too bad the F1 cars weren’t in FH3, though. I totally would’ve put on rally tires and suspension and done an extreme off-road championship in an F1 racer. Good times.

“I thought the point of a game like forza was to be as realistic as possible”

Forza never tries to be as realistic as possible (not necessarily a bad thing though), if it did, it would’ve become a sim by now, instead of the “simcade” we are playing today.

The passion of the people in charge is gone. If they go on the endeavor to include all these cars in the game then they should at least put some attention on the tracks these cars have historically raced on.

I posted in here - Forza F1 Series post 12 - about what could be done with Modern and Historic F1 series, especially if was a random selection of tracks from those available each time you ran the series

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Forza and F1 is a love hate relationship… the car itself is too fast as well and the fact that the career mode didn’t use the actual tracks really saddened me.

Right now I’m working on tuning the car to make it as realistic as possible. Unfortunately free play also only allows a maximum of 50 laps so it really feels like a win lose situation.

Is it possible that Codemasters has some kind of exclusivity about current F1 cars on current F1 tracks?

I would think they is why, can’t imagine f1 wouldn’t allow that as I get they haven’t got fia ok to use the card probs just the factory teams