Why is the FREE demo asking for a credit card?

I waited all day to download this, and now it takes me to a page asking me to enter credit card details.

I don’t have one, I’ve never used one, and will probably never need to. I don’t know anyone’s who’s going to want to lend me their credit card just to download a free demo.

Turn 10, I’ve been a long-time fan… but asking folks to enter credit card information for a FREE demo???

Please fix this, I want to enjoy the demo before I buy the full game. Downloaded so many demos since getting my X1; big games with huge budgets… but none of them ask to enter CC information.

This is borderline annoying as well as frustrating. Please devs, fix this so it is actually 100% free, like ALL the other demos on the marketplace.


Try a prepaid XBL card from a retailer. http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Xbox-Digital-Gift-Card/productID.289171900

You have to change payment settings on your xbox. You don’t need a creditcard.

I haven’t changed the payment settings at all since getting my console - it’s set to default. I’ve downloaded many demos before; none of them asked to enter or add a credit card.

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Demo didn’t ask for payment information when I went to download it last month, nor did any of the free cars from Forza Horizon 2.

I’ve added my details for the purpose of downloading the demo, but I’ll promptly remove my card from my account once it’s done.

I get that it’s an “ease of use” thing for when you buy content that’ll actually cost money, but I’d rather not connect my card details to a service should we end up with a PlayStation Network debacle in the future.

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Yes i have the same problem. I can´t download the DEMO, Xbox says i need a credit card

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We’re looking into the cc issue reported, we’ll get it sorted asap.


I got mine with no problem.

Im having the same issue … its asking for a credit card

It has been fixed for me, checked just now … thank you turn 10

I cant find the demo where is it located?
NVM found it the long way around on XB1

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No problem here, downloaded from xbox.com (UK site), no credit card or paypal linked, but money on my account.

I only get that add credit card from xbox.com when i try to download free 360 games each month, that’s a known problem though according to the support forums.

Thru www site it asked to update CC, i’ve already did it but unfortunately it’s still asking to choose State (from US list), bad luck im in Europe…

Thankfully i’ve found direct link on console, bit intrusive especial my PayPal is valid and listed in MS…

Did you not set the xbox.com page to your country then? That may have been the problem if it thought you were in the US.

You are just causing yourself hassle. Why would you not have your card on file. So you buy live and content with prepaid cards. How inconvenient and annoying. Time to move out of the stone age.

Some of the players here are kids at teens that don’t have access to cards so their argument could be valid

And some are worried about being hacked by Somalian warlords

Time to stop being ignorant.

Turn 10 fix the problem asap because I am 14 and I don’t have credit card