Demo problem

I can be able to load the FM6 demo, but it’s taking forever on the loading screen with the Ford GT rear light. Don’t know what to do.

No help, huh? Well, my hopes of playing this demo are destroyed, and I’m really sad because of it. Looks like I’ll never play it after all. :,(

Not sure exactly what the issue is. You could try moving the demo to an external drive, also try doing a full shutdown by pressing and holding the front power button for about 5 seconds.

No, the real issue is that it takes forever to load on the Ford GT tail light screen, and the demo doesn’t wanna load for me.

I’ll second this. I didn’t have any trouble but any time you do run in to trouble with your Xbox shut it down and do a full cold boot.

Is it 100% downloaded?

Yeah, but way before that, it somehow let me open it when it was still at almost 60%.

Always ignore “Ready to Play.” Wait for 100% download completion.

Delete the download, then re-download it and make sure you do nothing else until it is 100% downloaded. When we attempt to play the game before it is completed, the download is interrupted (paused) and then when there is gaming activity on the system anything is download process again pauses the download in favor of “live” play. Select the Demo, Manage it and Delete it.


I understand you’re in a better position than me to know Snowowl, but this can’t be correct? I was playing the demo from 75% and the download continued for me whilst playing

This 100%. I still can’t believe people are not letting the downloads get to 100% before playing,most all problems are because of this,have some patience.

This is 100% incorrect. Once the Xbox says ready to play its just that. Ready to play. However with most games these days, they require and Internet connection for verification, and some times that fails which lead to long loading screens. Deleting and re downloading will not help and only waste more time.

The only way to solve it is to do a hard reset. While the Xbox One is one press and hold the power button until it shuts off (should take between 6-10 seconds). After it does wait at least 30 seconds then power on the console again. You should see the green Xbox logo, after you do that your good to go.

You sir have no idea what you are talking about!

I think that after you held the button for approx 5 seconds till it turns off with your finger still touching the button. Then unplug the power supply for approx 1 minute. Plug back in and turn on. It will take a bit longer to get to the main menu the first start after re-booting. ( it will show a greenish 3 dot loading indicator in the lower right corner till it goes to the home screen.

I had my xbox download the game while I was at work. I got home fired it up to play, it got to the main menu screen and i could not press “A” to start the game. My xbox wasn’t locked up as I was able to hit the xbox button on the controller and load another game with no issues. I uninstalled the demo, did a full shutdown on my xbox and re-downloaded the demo. It worked fine for about 20minutes and then I had a power outage for some reason, when I fired up my xbox after power was restored the demo would not work again. I did the uninstall once again, and had it download last night. I hope it works when I get home tonight, if it doesn’t then I’ll wait until the 10th to play.

I’m also having this issue, Game downloads fine and boots up to the menu but I am unable to navigate the menu or press A to start.

Found the issue earlier. I unplugged the XBone and restarted it and got to play the demo.

I tried doing a full reset of the console a few times last night, as well as redownloading etc. (just in case) the game downloaded 100% before i attempted to start it but no matter how many times I tried I could not get past the main title screen.

If anyone has any other suggestions on what may help it would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t understand what the OP’s problem could be. It certainly is very strange.

I’ve had zero issues with games, apps or demos not running properly since getting my X1 (one major exaception - Forza Hub - which stopped working the day FM6 was introduced).

I always keep energy saving on and after shutting down my console, completely power down, as in turn off, the power supply too. The next time you turn on, wait for the to go from white to amber, then turn on your console.

Turn your console off/on like this every time, and everything gets properly flushed out of the RAM and temporary storage. It lets your console do a cold boot and run smoothly, much like a PC.

Do you clear Alternate MAC address and Persistent Storage from time to time? That’s also important.

Thanks Demon996, I cleared the Persistent Storage and Alternate MAC last night and the demo booted straight in.