Why do Wheelspins work differently in Horizon 4 compared to previous Horizon games?

In previous Forza Horizon games, if you won credits from a wheelspin, the amount of credits won would be doubled if you had VIP membership. Now, in Forza Horizon 4, if you win credits in a wheelspin, it is no longer doubled - credits you win from wheelspins now stay the same, regardless of whether you have VIP membership or not. And if you win a car you already have in your garage in FH4, you no longer have the option to sell the car you won for credits, whereas you would have had that option in the previous Forza Horizon games.

Now, why would they make the wheelspins work differently so that credits are no longer doubled for VIP members and we can no longer sell duplicate cars won in Wheelspins for credits? I mean, what was wrong with giving VIP members double the credits they win in wheelspins?

I dunno. It’s somehow a little less insulting when you get those worthless 1000-5000 CR rewards and they’re not doubled, though.

I’ll be honest there are many examples of “why did they” in this game.
FH3 was possibly the zenith of the series and instead of sticking with solid mechanics (gaming and Warren), they went with half baked ideas and stripped the basics out.

  • excellent working multiplayer - replaced with a semi functioning “team” game in 3 classes with 2 modes (road and off-road).
  • excellent social game - replaced with “ghosts” of other players. It’s one step off the old fable 2 orb system.
  • double down on wheelspin and wheelspins in general - replaced with dab emote, white hat 1 and white hat 2. (The small amounts you win later are where clothes and emotes used to be).
  • The lag issues and getting frozen - when the game struggled before it would keep you rolling but take a few frames to catch up. Replaced with “wow there, easy champ, slow WAY down.” (Stops dead from 200mph in 6th).

A lot of it is why did they even bother. I suspect after a terrible release of FM7 instead of PG being left to it to make a brilliant game that turn 10 got involved in a bigger than ormal capacity to speed up production time and ruined this too.

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I agree that it is annoying not having the option to dispose of duplicate cars; I have all the cosmetic items and all but three of the cars, so my wheelspins are all just credits or duplicate cars now. However, I think they are trying to limit runaway buildups of credits; due to all the different Horizon Life categories, you get a lot more wheelspins than you did in FH3, so the doubling of money would make the money build up too quickly.

Probably because as a VIP, your Forzathon points are doubled instead, allowing you to get more of those FE cars to sell on the Auction House. Each Daily is worth 20 for vip, each weekly is 200 for vip, and every completed forzathon live even is 60.

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Double credits as a race reward is a far better system in my opinion. In FH3 once you hit a certain level then you received fewer and fewer wheelspins and the effect became more and more marginal. At least now you will always get your double reward whenever you race.

I agree on the duplicate cars though, both frustrating and a waste of time when you have to list a duplicate multiple times in the AH just to get a measly 3k after two or three attempts at selling it. At least give the option to reject duplicates, even if it’s for a nominal fee of 1k credits.