[NEEDS INVESTIGATING] Getting stuff from wheel-spins you already have instead of money

I’ve been getting this a lot from my wheel-spins. If I get a car that I already have, I have wasted a spin and the game doesn’t ask me if I would either have the car I already have or get some money instead of the car. This happened in Horizon 2 and 3, so why isn’t this happening in Horizon 4?! This needs to be investigated!

[ANSWERED]: wheel spins no longer give out money for duplicate cars as they are now a money sink, there are plenty of other opportunities to earn credits in this game so they no longer see the point in flooding the system with extra credits, it’s up to you to auction any valuable cars you get from wheel spins or discard them. Just remember you can only auction 10 cars a day.

Needs to be posted in the Forza Horizon 4 Features Wish List thread or submitted as a Suggestions & Feedback ticket via the Support site.