Why do leagues close?

Why do leagues open and close periodically. Every single time I have tried to join the ghost league, I get this:

I know there is another lobby, but I want to race this one, and have not once seen it open.

Are you saying the league is closed when it should be open according to its schedule? If so that sounds odd. If you’re asking about why there’s a schedule:

Well all you gotta do is log in from midnight - 6am. Lol, what a window.


So why do they close then open again? Surely the way to “allow the most players within different time zones” is to keep it open.

You won’t get many from my timezone hanging around till midnight to race competitively.


The points system rewards those that compete often. If you leave the Hopper open all the time then those with more time on their hands are even more rewarded than they are now.

The only reason i can think of is, so people have to use hoppers if they want a public race most of the time.

I just think its crazy. Who at turn 10 sat down and said, “hey, i think it would be agreat idea to have a league run from midnight till 6am’”? A great new idea that due to having a day job, I’m not allowed to experience. I know there is another lobby, but the idea of driving upgraded touring cars doesn’t appeal to me. They drive great in the stock form, not so great when upgraded.

Have to say though, I’m very flattered to be considered elite, without having a race yet. :slight_smile:


100% agree. The best option to give as many players the option to play leagues is to have them open 100% of the time. TO me if someone at Turn ten can prove this to be wrong please fel free to give us your formula to making limited opening more effective than an unlimited opening. I would love to see how that works…

You are aware that not everyone in this world lives in the same timezone, right?
The time you mentioned is the time the lobby will open again, it doesnt mean the lobby is only open at that time for the entire day.
You have at least 4 different times a day that the lobby is open.

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I’m aware that every single time I’ve tried on this game, in between work and dad duties, the league has been closed.

Two blokes at my work have said the same.

Other people in this thread can’t get in it.

The way to make the leagues accessabl to most people in different time zones is to just leave it open.

Why not instead limit it to the amount of races you can enter, rather than penalising those with families and a job by limiting the opening times.


I Agree totally PTG Claret, an example of mine here. I have a Dvr with a major Satellite company and DVR ( record ) everything I want to record for the season and watch when I want anytime. I cannot remember the last time I have watched a live show, years I’m sure though. My point is people will race more often when they want instead of having a schedule to follow or even remember when planning other things. The only advantage in closing it down and up again is to help support the main hoppers ( suicide to league ) LOL it’s like a sacrifice one for the other, if one has to go and one has to stay shouldn’t the new and improved get more love??? If it screens down poorer drivers so the races are more consistent in speed and style it’s what many want, why give more support to the old broken one and let the new one die??? I never really understood why they didn’t just go with one style, the new league system. 2 formats,One keep score or however it’s done, and one just don’t keep track of your wins to an eventual winner example hoppers

I think they wanted to limit the time gain points. If so, they should limit the number of races you could do. Right now its just plain stupid.

I’m only grassroots and I’m undefeated bar one, the one track I hate has been ‘augmented’ - more like defaced - with tyre barriers. Stupid Alps! Who put the tyres in the way :frowning: I still don’t know how the system works and does this mean I’ll have to AFC Wimbledon every league until I reach the one that my level fits in?

I’ve beaten a few people at the top by a lot and there’s seemingly no bonus for beating high scorers. From what people have told me, you’re awarded points on how many people you beat and if you beat more in the one lobby then you get more, but that could be complete rubbish. I’d like clarification.

Maybe they should have moving averages or something along those lines? That may make it fairer for everyone no matter how much time you spend at it. A faster person who wins more of his or her races would take precedence over someone who competes all day, doesn’t win so much but overall accumulates more points.

Allowing more players to participate is a great idea and I am confused how they wish to accomplish that by closing the leagues and limiting when you can join them.

I’ve done 4 league races because I happened to have last Friday off. Otherwise the only time the leagues are available and open to me are times that make no sense or I simply don’t have the opportunity to be on Forza because I have real world responsibilities to do.

I’m not staying up to play a league from midnight to 6 am - that’s when I sleep. Maybe I’ll get the next window.
Oh, no, can’t do the next window because from 10 am - 4 pm I’m at work or on my way home from work. Next window maybe?
Oh no, no, look at this there a window from midnight again… Darn, guess I won’t play this league.

The league that I did play that closed, that had slightly better 4 hour windows but they too were pretty darn bad.
6 am - 10 am. 12 am - 4 pm. 6 pm to 10 pm. 12 am - 4 am. ← Really? Ok, so there is realistically one window here I can join in and play assuming I ignore everything else just to focus on this league. I only got in 4 races.

Leagues seem fun, they seem like a good way to do multiplayer if you don’t want to go into all the other multiplayer options. It just seems so hard to get into them and when you do the track variety is dismal.

Limiting time slots does increase population. People will more likely adapt their activity in the game to race their favorite league. I’m about to fire up my Xbox soon for some Forza, I first check what leagues are open or when they will be open. If my favorite league is up I’ll join it and play some career later. If the league is down I’ll first play some career and later the league.

I believe there are two reasons, first is to not spread players but concentrate then in windows, second is to avoid bad racers been on the top just because they can play almost 24/7.

I’m finding that a lot of players are getting in these lobbies and then parking on the start/finish, sometimes for the entire time I spend in that lobby. Are these people getting points for this? They go ghost immediately so it’s not like they are causing any wrecks, but if they are collecting points for doing nothing more than being there at the start…don’t hardly seem right does it.

they should be getting a dnf, zero points. but that may be lag. some times when you see a car sitting at the finish line then you look at the race results they finished higher than you. i have even read about people hitting “invisible” cars because of lag that appeared to be lagging. once guy was complaining that half the cars were lagging and wanted the lagers booted not realizing that if alot of cars are glitching out, you are the one lagging. if its one or two cars its probably the other guys connection, if its alot of cars its your connection. the guy was actually lobbying to get himself banned without realizing it.

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This one is a tough issue to tackle because they’d need to accommodate players from all over the world in order to make everyone happy. In thinking about the other side of the issue … there’s not a single competitive racing series or competitive sports league anywhere in the world where the competitors can compete whenever they want instead of following the leagues’ or series’ set schedule. I kind of look at it like being a fan of F1 racing here in the States. With a majority of the races being in Europe, Asia, etc … if I want to watch an F1 race live, most of the time I have to get up at 7am or earlier my local time.

If it’s any consolation last place gets 100 points so unless they idle for the entire period a Hooper is open you can get more points than them by doing 2-3 races.