Why did T10 not increase lap count?

This has possibly been answered before but a search showed nothing.

Why has the player count increase to 24 but the lap count has not?
In EVERY lobby all I see is a pile up at the first few corners, with me usually getting nailed into a wall :slight_smile:
Then I end up battling my way though the field and before I can get near the competitive players the race is over. My lap times do not reflect my finish position because we don’t have enough time to catch up.

Another issue, backmarkers. Why on earth are moving backmarkers not ghosted? With lap counts so small there should never be any reason for backmarkers other than they’re in the lobby just to piss people off.

I play assetto corsa on PC with most servers having 8 laps, this allows for the odd collision with enough chance for the faster guys to catch up with similar skilled drivers. The result of this is field usually ends up in 2-3 groups of cars battling within their skill level.

For me, forza 7 will be a lot better with more laps and penalties for cutting corners and some sort of penalty for deliberate crashes.



Because the casual player doesn’t want to race for 10-25 laps

That’s basic gist

Would like to see FM7 have a slider for difficulty and race length so those that enjoy longer races (myself) can do so with out affecting those that don’t

But it seems the casual players views win out.

Not even going to broach MP - Its been this way for as long as I’ve been playing FM though it has seemed to get a bit worse but that may be that I’ve gotten used to private lobbies

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You kind of answered your own question, I suspect:

With such a range of skills in any multiplayer lobby (from High to Literally None Whatsoever) any more laps would just see the leaders having to lap people for half the race.

BTW I don’t think lapped drivers should be ghosted; I think getting lapped in a 4-lap race should see the game automatically send an apology to the entire lobby before uninstalling itself and sending you to the page in the store where you buy Rocker League.


Me and my friends were thinking this was the reason too :confused:
Bring back player controlled lobbies!! I miss FM2 :frowning:

The rocket league solution is brilliant!!
I suppose it doesn’t help when almost every xbox bundle contains forza 6!

I agree with the OP but why wait until Forza 7? It could easily be fixed in Forza 6.

It won’t.

Personally, I don’t mind the sprint races (it’s the players I have issue with). I’m happy with a 5-8 minute race as it means I can get in several races per hour.

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There’s no easy solution. If you lengthen races then those who are wrecked early in a race simply have longer to wait until the next race. If anything this may increase the amount of trolling.

Sliders can’t work in MP as the game runs persistently on the servers so has to be of a predetermined length.

You could have a lot more lobby’s offering a greater variety of race lengths but this requires massive amounts of active users to work properly.

Bottom line is that the problems aren’t with the game, but with the people playing the game. IMO any “illegal” driving should be penalised in some way. Even to the point where some activities such as remaining stationary, driving in the wrong direction, failing to brake etc should give an immediate 5 race ban (or the equivalent time - 20 minutes or so) from all MP activities.

My bad on the sliders and misreading ops post I was thinking SP

We need a rating system and gifts given for clean racing.

Unicorns for no major collisions in a 20 player lobby.
Clean points awarded in leagues

And race results that show 500 points for being clean next to race result. So everyone can see

Splash screen while loading race explaining you will be awarded 100 points per lap with no major collisions and if you have non entire race you recieve bonus 200 points.

We need to concentrate on the behavior you wish to facilitate not the one we don’t want

The question is whether or not Turn 10 actually wants to implement in-game features to clean up the racing, or if they deem it a lost cause.

If they would deem it a “lost cause” and they think we should just spend our money on the next bi-annual iteration of the game for our wishes and needs then I’m done with the series as a whole. That’s the kind of attitude I dispise with a passion. What will the future bring with such an attitude? People will ask for fixes in FM7 as well and we will just have to shove it and buy FM8. No Turn 10, the gaming world doesn’t work like that.

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I believe I could be wrong but during forza 4 there was some pole that was how long would you like the races to be in forza and I think most people wanted about a 6 to 7 minute race so they have implemented that to both forza 5 and 6 looks like plus lol I bet the rammers like short races hint hint

This is a feature request and should be moved to the features wishlist thread never to be seen or discussed again.

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All that is needed is one ore two more laps on some tracks. No track should be restricted to 1 or 2 lap races.

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I disagree, Nuerburgring is a little too intense and even 3 laps might make that one unplayable.

Except for Nurb. I wasn’t thinking about that one. Lol. 2 laps max for that track.

A few weeks ago there was an endurance league, The laps increased about 60 to 80 %. I found this alot more enjoyable. If you happened to be knocked off or if you made a driving error, you had the chance to catch up. I do find the number of laps to low. Quite often I m surprised the race is over when it felt it had just begun. At the moment it feels like you spend more time inbetween races than actual racing, surely this should be the otherway around.

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OP. Simple answer, casuals dont want long races they want sprint races. To me the motors not even warm until about lap 10, but i guess im the minority.


I would prefer longer races too, but dependent on the size of lobby. Something like X amount of racers triggering X amount of laps for that event. 24 racers do need more than 3 laps, but in there are only 6 people in the lobby 2 laps would be enough on full course tracks. Nordscheilife would have to be an exception. ( Max of 2 laps in public lobbies, maybe more in leagues )
I probably fall in between the casual and serious as 15 minutes would be the average length I would like to see in league racing. No more than 10 minutes in regular hoppers. With of course certain tracks being the exception to the rule.

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There should at least be an option. One lobby a few laps longer, the other the current standard.


I’m not sure why Devs always pick up the blame for players behaviour. Unless one player respects another then there will always be problems with griefers no matter what a Dev does to try to curtail the actions of those people wrecking the game for others. It would be entirely possible for T10 to replicate real motorsport and impose black flags, drive throughs and so on but then the game would morph into an F1 20XX type product and lose a great deal in the process. One of the major appeals of the series is the freedom to largely do what you want. Drive what you want, where you want. Run tracks, cone events, cat and mouse, last man standing and so on.

The only real problem is that people looking to take part in a “serious” race are thrown into the same lobby as kids looking to smash up a car (coz it’s fun), guys who can’t deal with being bad at something and folks who would usually spend their free time licking windows.

It’s not for any of us to tell people they can’t crash cars, drive backwards or camp on the back straight hoping to take people out. We just need some method of being able to segregate those wanting to replicate racing from those wanting a free for all. And this my friends is a far more difficult task than most of us would imagine. Everyone playing paid their money and unfortunately the goon trying to T-bone the field at turn one can’t be denied access any more than the clean guy he hits. Lengthening races may suit some but not others and so it goes on.

My own opinion is that T10 already have part of the solution running already. If the data collected to calculate your league position took into account number of collisions/clean laps, places made, podiums etc then it would be relatively easy to run a couple of Pro/Elite hoppers. This still allows everyone to play the game as they wish but at least the more serious players should have somewhere to enjoy some competitive racing.

Trueskill never seemed to me to be used for anything but perhaps now is the time to dust it down and get it working properly.