Why can't i share my livery(s)?

so, i’ve made, what, Four, Five Liveries I want to or have shared and i only have one up. THERE NEEDS TO BE A SHARE BUTTON FOR ALL LIVERIES!!! THERE IS ONLY A SHARE BUTTON FOR LIVERIES WITHOUT LOCKS!!! WHY???

Cause they don’t want you sharing someone else’s work. If it’s locked vinyl on your livery that’s why you can’t share it.

Hope that helps what I put in my guest post.

Because to share and receive in game payment from a livery it has to be done completely by you, every part of it.

Sidenote: The payouts you get for liveries are a joke or better disgrace anyway!!!

Depends… I get 2000 downloads a day… pays quite well. Enough for me to give away 20M cars anyway. Takes about a week to get the money back… that includes the usual events… Goliath etc.

So? You can share a design if you make everything yourself. You wasted 3 hours pasting pre-made images?


I don’t even have 2k downloads in total…meh.