Can't share any paint liveries, any help?

I can’t seem to be able to share any of my paint liveries. It keeps saying “unable to share try again later”. I keep trying and this has been going on for a week or more, any help or suggestions?

It’s either the servers or you have reached your limit on how many you can share.

I have found the same problem on several occasions.

I found last week that, having put a racing livery on my Skyline I wasn’t able to share it but once I took the NISSAN logo off the car it then accepted the share. Having said that I have a GTR which just has basic product logos and green and black paint job and it will not share no matter how often I try.

In all honesty this livery sharing is a bit of a ball ache as it quite often won’t allow it and then when it does the likelyhodd of actually earning any extra credits from them is pretty slim indeed. I will continue to share my liveries as I enjoy doing them and hope others like them too but I don’t do it to try for extra credits because, even though I have had several messages regarding the use of my designs and how more use will earn me credits they just never seem to appear.

Good luck!


Are any of those logos locked by any chance? If your using downloaded logos from the community they are locked, and you would have too remove them or remake them yourself before you can share your design. After that the only thing that can stop you from uploading is the server being down or you have reached your share limit. If you still can’t you may have found a bug or glitch and make sure you inform Turn 10 so the can look into it.

I have several logos that it just won’t let me share : the Pfc performance brakes logo and piaa logo. I can’t remember the exact wording of the message but it suggests I have triggered some censor filter. I cannot see what it would be objecting to though.

I forgot about the word filter.