Can't seem to share a livery

I created a Speed Racer themed livery for the Retro Cartoon Contest but can’t seem to share it. It’s on the 2019 Ferrari Monza SP2. I can share other things, but not this. When I go into My Liveries, it doesn’t have the option. Another weird thing is that when I exit the game and go back it, it puts me in the Bronco even though I was in the Ferrari when I quit. I am doing this on the PC (I create my liveries on the PC, but do all my driving on the Series X. Will try that when I get back home). Could it be just this car? Another thing I did was load a locked vinyl (the RCC logo I needed to put on the car for the contest) but deleted it from both the car and my vinyls after I recreated it. Anyone else try to share a livery for this car or have a problem after loading a lock vinyl? Help would be appreciated. I would hate having to rebuild my livery on another car. (Maybe someone can try to create a quick livery on the Ferrari and share it just to see?).

I just made a livery of images that were all mine, nothing locked and i cant share it. I wish it would give a reason why it cant be shared. Its quite frustrating. Also i did a livery where i added a locked vinyl then deleted it and still couldnt share it. I think once a locked vinyl is added, even if deleted it cant be shared. Something they need to fix. But as far as mine with all my own vinyls, im completely stumped.

You need to also check the names of shared liveries as some words are not allowed. For example I made a livery of Suicide Squad, but Suicide is not allowed.