Why are there no handheld remote control type controllers?

Many years ago, I played a lot of Need for Speed games on the PC. I found a hand held pistol grip controller that had a mini steering wheel on it and resembled a controller similar to some of the remote control car controllers. This was a great combination in my opinion. It was much better than a regular gamepad and also much cheaper than a full size wheel. There was a trigger that you pulled for the throttle and pushed for the brakes. There was a small steering wheel with a rubber grip that you turned right and left for the steering. These were both analog so that they were sensitive to the amount your pulled the trigger or turned the wheel. Giving you the ability to control your speed and turning very accurately. Later on I found a MadCatz Racing Handheld Racing Wheel that I used to play Gran Turismo on the Play Station. This was the same style RC controller with pistol grip. Most recently I purchased the Microsoft Wireless 360 Steering wheel which was U shaped. This was a decent attempt at something similar, in between a gamepad and a full wheel combo. It played ok, but was not as good as the remote control type controllers in my opinion.

I wonder why the idea has basically been abandoned. Not everyone can shell out the money for a full racing wheel and pedal combination. Also the required room can also be an issue. A handheld device that would have controls more designed for racing games would be better than a game pad and not take up the room or have the cost associated with a wheel and pedal combo.

I really think there would be a market for a device like this. Anyone know of any manufacturers considering anything like this?



I’ve discussed this very thing in lobbies for years. I had one for Playstation 1 and loved the poo out of it. It seems most people never knew they existed. Wish someone would develop one again.

Oh If I could use my Airtronics M12 for playing Forza, I would be absolutely ecstatic

They have something like this for PC for a game called VRC. A USB dongle that you plug a receiver into and can use your RC transmitter.

Would be so sweet if they made something like this for xbox.

They do. Have you looked into the Cronus Max?

It’s a device you can use on basically any USB enabled console or PC to use a controller from any other kind of device assuming it’s USB. You can use a PS4 controller wired into the Cronus Max wired into the Xbox One to use the PS4 Controller. You can use an Xbox One controller plugged into the Cronus Max plugged into the Xbox 360 for a better experience.

If that VRC you have is able to be connected to the Cronus Max with a USB cable then you should be able to use it on the Xbox One.

It’s definitely something to look into.

** I do not own a Cronus Max, I do not work for them, I do not endorse them, and I am not sponsored by them nor am I being paid by them. I have simply heard of it, looked into it a bit and thought it might present a solution to your dilemma.

That would be an awesome idea for a racing controller.
Not everyone has the money or space for a quality wheel setup, and I personally can’t stand racing with a controller.

If they were to make something like I mentioned that uses existing RC transmitters, a good set up would not end up a whole lot cheaper than a good wheel. The best transmitters aren’t exactly cheap and there is a pretty big difference between even not so cheap radios and the top of the line ones, in terms of precision and latency.

Man I wish they would do this for console. Maybe if VRC was made for xbox. That’s something else I would love, but is not an appropriate discussion for another game’s forum :slight_smile:

Anyway, to do this on Forza, someone would need to make a pistol transmitter style xbox controller, or they need to make something like that USB dongle I mentioned, that would allow us to use existing RC controllers. I’d be happy with either, but would prefer the latter since I already have a damn nice radio for racing my RC cars. Most RC people would love this, but we’re a pretty small market.

Not sure I would want to go with a full RC transmitter setup. As someone else mentioned I think you are pushing the price envelope at that point and having to buy something that is not video game specific.

What I would like is for Microsoft, Mad Catz, Thrustmaster or Logitech to design a pistol grip controller for the XBOX One (obviously they could also market it to other gaming consoles). I would think it would be similar in price or maybe slightly more than a standard controller. Wireless would be nice, but wired would also be acceptable. Have the trigger be able to do throttle and brake and a wheel for steering. Then they could the arrange the other buttons as they see fit (maybe the 4 button group as thumb buttons, a pinky button for hand brake, etc).

Hopefully someone is looking at this as a possibility.

I am so happy to see this thread. I have been suggestiong an RC racing controller for years in forums, and noone seem to understand.
There is a reason why the postol grip racing controllers are dominant in RC racing. They simply give awesome Control.

I would love to see ball bearings and a rumble function/force feedback in the racing controller.
I have the money to buy all large racing wheels, but I dont have the space to have use them.

Please Logitech and others. Do one high Quality RC style racing controller. We will buy them!!

Best Regards

Bump! I’d also love something like this.

A wheel is just too clunky to try and store around the house. Something like this would be perfect.

Just a “U” Wheel would be great for me, As per 360.
I loved that controller