Why am I always last place in multiplayer?

Yes I know how racing works, yes I know how video games work, yes I’ve been into cars since I was 12. My first car was turbo manual mid engine.
Is it because everyone crashes and takes shortcuts, so you’re left alone in last place driving correctly and giving people room to pass? People just seem to crash me into last. Always giving you no room, so visibly bad players whom are crashing all over the place every turn- stay ahead of you. Am I supposed to be crashing and blocking?

Go jump in the ghost hopper.
Then compare your times to the leaders.
fF your not matching or exceeding the fastest clean time, then to me it
sounds like you’re slow.

I have no problem getting to the top 5 from the back of the pack in 2-3 races max.


Ah, great idea. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it out.

It looks like you are new to the forums, and maybe to Forza Motorsport as well. So first let me welcome you. These forums are a treasure trove of great information. There are a lot of skilled players here, and they can be very helpful.
Make sure you know where the search feature is, and use it often. You might be surprised at how much you can learn from questions already asked, discussed and answered.
I agree that the ghost hoppers are the best place to see how you can stack up with other players, in multiplayer races.
Once you’ve done that, I recommend using rivals to learn the tracks and chase faster players.
Keep in mind that the assists you use can actually make you slower. The faster drivers don’t use any assists. I know my times got much better when I stopped using them. Just going from automatic transmission, to manual with clutch, made a world of difference. Once you can keep up with the faster racers in the ghost hoppers, you will be better prepared to race in multiplayer.
Again, welcome to the forums.



Wow zero assists? Clutch? That’s insane. I’ve realized ‘traction control on’ limits me from going full throttle out of turns at the limit of adhesion, feels like fuel cut. It just refuses to accelerate. This game has a higher skill ceiling than I originally thought. Looks like I have a lot to learn.
I will utilize the search function more often. Thanks for the detailed response.

Don’t let it overwhelm you. Start with one thing and work until you are comfortable. I suggest leaving ABS, Traction Control and Stability Control on and working on the manual with clutch first. Believe it or not, once you get the button setup that you are comfortable with, it becomes easier. Once you are running consistent laps and have shifting and downshifting under control, remove ABS. Do a little research on how each assist works. Once you understand them you will actually see how and where they slow you down.
It sounds crazy, I remember. But you’ll feel good about accomplishing it. Then you can get back to chasing the ghosts and bettering your lap times.
I’ve been playing since the first Forza on the original Xbox, and for years I wondered why I was losing all the time. In fact, I wasn’t even really competing. These days I am still slow, LOL, but at least I can compete.
Enjoy the game.



You can remap clutch to A button. Makes it a lot easier and you don’t have to crab finger the controller. If you’re using automatic the game will shift at bad times and the shift times are slower.

In this game using manual or manual with clutch reduces the shift time tremdously resulting in huge acceleration bonuses. This may be partly why your car isn’t accelerating well. The clutch provides a great bonus than manual without clutch in probablu 90% of cars. Exceptions where manual without clutch is faster are modern race cars and some exotics.

Which TCS do you have enabled? If it’s super easy then that may be an issue. I’ve never tried it but wouldn’t be surprised if it really cuts the cars power. TCS on is ok for many high powered cars and doesn’t cut power much. In lower classification cars, it’s trial and error.

As much as the game tries to be accessible to all, it really isn’t. It’s a very difficult game once the player realizes what is needed to be competitive online and in rivals mode.


Yeah I know what you mean TC and the above posters brought some nice points. In my experiences in FM7:

-Manual will always be faster than Automatic, but a little more challenging to me. If you use it(Manual) you have to do it well, and that will end up improving your lap times. I recommend you start practicing on the lower classes, for instance I use manual in the Ghost hopper Class C, but when I am in the higher classes I switch to automatic, I don’t feel I am good enough to use Manual with the fast cars yet, and I may never switch to manual on the Higher classes, I find it challenging enough to properly take turns, etc with Automatic, but I do fairly well online.

-Some people take shortcuts as you say, but many do not.

-Certain cars appear to have some advantages on some maps, also depends on your tuning. For instance a map with a lot of turns, if you use a car that is known for poor handling(hypothetical example) you may not do as well as others who got a car better suited for that map. Also some cars appear to be more popular despite the division thing, like for example in the Modern HAtch hopper a lot of people choose the Renault Clio car, it seems to be a good car suited for many different scenarios, good acceleration and handling, however it’s not say that it’s necessarily better than other cars, maybe easier to use at first.

-Sometimes no matter how well you play, you could be in a lobby with a group of very talented players and you will not stand a chance. I just focus on racing the best that I can, and never give up because sometimes people make mistakes at the last min and you have an opportunity to overtake them.


I do not know all games, but from the most games I know, is that the difference between Automatic and Manual is one of the biggest in Forza Motorsport and seems to be even bigger in 7 then it was in 6. In Forza Horizon and F1, Grid, Dirt, the punishment for driving automatic is not so big (have driven several top 100’s on FH and F1). Don’t know how it is with PC2 and Assetto Corsa.

The reason you are last:

  1. Skill. Crashers and corner cutters are usually slow. The better players have little trouble pulling away from them.
  2. Assists especially if you are using the ones with “assisted” or “easy” in the descriptive field. These will slow you down by many seconds.
  3. Car choice (discussed already)
  4. Car build & tune. You will most likely do poorly with the games homologation upgrade option. These builds aren’t great. It’s probably best to download tunes for now.

All of these put together are why a fellow esport player and myself were destroying homologation lobbies for one of the muscle car lobbies. 3rd place was always at least 2,000 ft (20-25 seconds) behind us in 3-5 Lap races. Granted we were pushing each other hard but still that’s crazy.


I would recommend focusing on the driving first and foremost. I say this because, if you try to master tuning, painting, and driving all at once, you will probably get overwhelmed or aggravated (or both) and not enjoy the game experience or worse stop playing altogether.

As RPM Swerve mentioned, downloading tunes can get you car “in the zone” and you will find driving much more enjoyable than fighting a bad set setup for 3 or 4 laps. When you download a tune, there is an option to Follow Creator. This will help you to find tunes by the quality tuners in the game. Also check the 5-star ranking…5 stars is “usually” a proven tune, but be aware that people can post stock tunes without doing anything to the car just to get downloads.
Here are a few suggestion to for tuners to follow (there a many other, just a few names off the top of my head)

  1. HLR PRKid
  2. PGT Coops
  3. Raceboy77
  4. Don Joewon Song
  5. xDeaDxZeppLiNx

I’m sure the guys that posted above can add some recommendations. Also check the Tuner’s Garage here on the Forums.
Hope this helps.

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I’m not a big fan of multiplayer, I do a couple races each time I login to get some lap counts towards the achievements.

If you mainly play single player though you will find that you are likely pacing yourself to the CPU. Find a difficulty setting that sees you finish around middle of the pack. This will allow you to drive in traffic, push yourself to find faster ways around the track, etc. I was playing single player last night and had a race that I easily won (use long for race type, 2-3 laps at a time you’ll likely never learn the tracks). I restarted the race and turned the difficulty way up. I wound up finishing 6th but shaved a full second off my laptime AND i was driving in traffic the entire time instead of being 2000 feet in front of everyone with a clear track.


Many reasons to be last but in multiplayer you need to be defensive and assume the guy coming up behind you will crash you and make them miss… its defensive driving…

If you are doing the Endurance GT Multiplayer Hopper, then you might be missing you pit. I am still not sure about it, but when i was in 4th Place, i went to 14th because i did not pit. But then i was in 13th/17th and the people in front of me never pitted, and then did not go to the back.

Turn on assisted braking and you will NEVER come last in multiplayer.

I think you should start off with ABS, traction control and automatic shifting on. The most important thing is to have clean consistent laps. Once you can do that, turn off each assist one by one to increase your speed.


I believe this is very good advice for somebody that’s brand new or finds that they are significantly behind the average.

Also I suggest running a lot of free play or rivals or career mode until you get consistent. Know where the turn-ins, braking points, and apexs are is key to getting good times and putting yourself on the podium.

Once you get that down and you are consistent on your laps, which means within a second of each other, then you can start turning off the assists and watch your time start to drop.

Then take yourself online. Jumping online and wondering why you’re getting hammered doesn’t surprise me. Imagine if you bought a sports car, went to the track day at your local track and attempted to keep up with the guys that have been doing it for years. Same scenario here, just digitally.

Also, a note about traction control. Just because you have it turned on does not mean you should hammer the throttle coming out of the corner. Because it definitely is too aggressive and really cuts throttle response (man what I wouldn’t give for a couple different TCS settings like a real sports car has). If you need it for training, still try to modulate your trigger or pedal, depending on your setup, and slowly apply the throttle. This will also help prepare you for when you turn it off eventually. Think of TCS as something that is there to help you in case you get a little heavy-handed or footed.


Haha, saw thread title and my instant thought of reply is “cuz I don’t play multiplayer”. If I did you could at least count on second to last.
I’m more of a lapper than a racer. I’ve got a buddy I will race against. I can out lap him any day, any car, any track, etc. I kill his times. But put us in a race and i can’t beat him.

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I live in an area with very inconsistent connectivity. At times I get hundreds of ms of latency and or tens of % of packet loss. Not a day goes by where I don’t lose my connection to LIVE at least once. I’ve even been accused of using a LAG SWITCH whatever that is supposed to mean… So, I noticed yesterday, when I decided to go ahead and race with the “high latency” notification on screen, that I could not keep up with the others and my car understeered like never before. I’m not slow in single player, prior to the aforementioned race I set the 5th fastest lap out of 8000+ players in a nascar (forget which track) and I’m usually in the top 1-5% on any track. I dont use assists either, except for “manual” as opposed to “manual w clutch” when my whip has paddles. My times in the same cars online are markedly slower by like 3 seconds and now I’m in the professional band I can’t get out of last place even when other cars go off piste or spin out or etc.

I put it all down to lag. My car is, on average, about 150ms ahead of where I observe it to be so I’m always braking late, turning in late and wide, and putting the boot down late on the exit.

That’s my issue personally but if you think you are slower because you’re taking the wrong line or losing traction and stability etc then my suggestion is to read the driving tips section in the GRAN TURISMO 1 cover booklet lol. I read that when I was fifteen I still used those driving principles to this day in esports and in real life

I’m a very happy FM7 Racer. From this forum I took the advice of purchasing a Renault Clio and getting a tune from Raceboy 77. Thanks to Raceboy77 andd this forum I’m third on a leaderboard of 8 Racers well at least I made a leaderboard! I won 3 races in my Clio I have a smile on my face and am a very happy Skippy. I was always last in the pack and about to give up but thanks to advice from you guys and a tune from Raceboy I’m well away from the back of the pack. Thank you all. TWB