Why am I always last place in multiplayer?

I love all these technical replies your getting so ill keep it simple.
1 if your always last your slow the problem is you.
2 dont complain about people putting you off cause this is forza it happens all the time if you dont like it sell your game or get faster to get away from the noobs.

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  1. Check the date of the OP before responding with self-righteous drivel.

“Don’t complain about people putting you off”. The hypocrisy is real and alive. All you do is wipe people out who get ahead of you. Funny how you didn’t like it when I divebombed your ass on Daytona after you wiped me out 3 times when I was trying to pass for 1st place… Good job :smiley:


I always thought Grid Order is done by Lap Time? With the fastest player who has a clean lap starting at the front.