Multiplayer problems ?

New to game. Had no problems with drivers cup, all most done except for, bowling and the long races. Went to multiplayer 1st race got car bmw#55, lost race went to Audi r8 lost, then sum how part of the car of the got stuck on both bmw’s with a blue stripe. Also every race I try in mp I come in last or close to it no matter what car I use. Did some thing get messed up. If I reinstall game will I lose what I Have earned so far or can they reset mp.

Online players are some of the best and very fast.

What difficulty level have you used through the cup?? Use “unbeatable” driver difficulty and stop making contact with the AI, race them clean and when you start winning there you’ll be much closer to the better online guys. You still will have a ways to go to run bumper to bumper with them but you’ll have much more fun!!

Good luck!

when the cars are all the same they bet me off the line . all I can do is just follow and I can’t catch up.

Several reasons this could be. Those with using traction control will generally get a poorer launch off the line than those with it turned off. Using manual gears, and especially manual with clutch, will sustain this launch / acceleration advantage as they then move up the gears

The game has been out for a long time, the casuals have moved on, the remaining drivers are mostly highly skilled racers, so it’s natural that you have a hard time keeping up. Are you using assists? They slow you down dramatically. If you want to have any chance online, you will need to use little to no assists, and a competitive car, with a good tune. Also, stay away from AWD drive cars, they are terrible in FM7.

You have to build up the skill to play with players online who possess varying degrees of driving skill, most of them bordering on expert and upwards. If you really want to know where you stand in terms of skill set, try Multiplayer Leagues where you are ranked according to your skill level starting with Grassroots (Lowest), Enthusiast, Professional, Elite, then Pinnacle (highest). In pinnacle, you’re arrived to split hairs with the best of the best. So measure yourself in ranked leagues and you’ll know for sure where you stand and understand that your speed shortcomings are not an anomaly of the game per se.